Crochet Foot Thong Bracelet

A little something different on the blog today. Let me share the backstory to them…

So I had bought these say 2-3 years ago from eBay. It was just a random buy as I liked the look of them and thought they would make a good review. Many holidays later, they still don’t come out to play. I actually lost them for a little while (they were kept in a small plastic bag) and I finally found them earlier this year. I was debating whether I actually do a review on them or not, and I decided that I would as it would have been a waste otherwise.

I don’t have the exact seller I bought them from, but I managed to find another that does sell them if you wish to purchase a pair.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: Unknown

Price: £2.36

Website: eBay – Crochet Barefoot Sandals Beach Wedding Bridal Anklet Foot Jewelry Bracelet – CB

The Review

From The Website:

Style:Fashion Barefoot Sandals Anklet
A good decoration for fashion.
Perfect for beach, or to wear with summer shoes.
Feet are part of the beautiful temple your body is. Celebrate them. Dress them lovingly for yoga, belly dance class and many more!
This delicate design perfectly slims your feet, so you will always look beautiful.
Manmade Knit Anklet,fadeless.
Quantity:one pair
Size: Strap Length: 30-50cm/11.81-19.69″ (Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inches)

Package Included: 1 Pair


The Packaging: this had no actual packaging to them. It came in a broken plastic wallet.


Getting Them On: I’ll just leave this video here so you know what they’re like to get on the legs…


On The Legs: well that was a fun watch right?! It took me so long with the first leg to now how to lace these. But I managed to do it and I can finally show you what they’re like.

The quality of them are pretty cheap – they were ordered from China (waaaaaay before the coronavirus hit) so what do you expect really? I thought they would be symmetrical on the legs, but I’ve learnt that is not the case. Also the length of the lace is slightly shorter than the other, which cause an issue; I could bow one at the back and the other I had to do a knot.

These are a one size pair so these can fit any foot and leg size. I will say if your legs are thicker you might find you won’t be able to lace them up to your knee. The toe ring is quite big and is a small bit of lace. It’s not too bad, but I can see this easily breaking if care isn’t taken.

I do quite like the design, but it really does bug me that these can’t be symmetrical on the front of the legs. These would look great with a crochet dress for the beach or on holiday. I paired up with a pair of court shoes to show you how you can dress it with heels for a night out to jazz up an outfit without wearing hosiery.


My Thoughts?

Overall, I’m not too sure what I feel of these. They looked nice when I ordered them online, but when they arrived and I see them on my legs, they are different (of course). I would probably recommend white or a coloured pair so you can wear them with swimwear and beachwear, or keep it black to pair up with heels.

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