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Criss Cross Thigh Highs by 18MM

So this review is long overdue (I blame work and my new married life for this!) I have so much going on, I’ve got time for the pictures but never enough time for the write-up!

These badboys were gifted by a favourite follower of mine. I saw these a while back modelled on another tights lover and I had to get myself a pair! Perfect for those rock-chick looks!


The Outfit

So I kept it basic with these to make these the focal point (well at the back anyways!) I went with my oversized jumper in a khaki green along with a pair of black heels (not shown in the pic as I forgot to get them out for this review before I went to work!)

I love the way this outfit looked – really laid back from the front and then it goes wild at the back. Those cut out strips do look amazing with a long-backed tail rather than flashing the whole leg (it keeps others behind you in suspense!)


The Review

Most of you know that I start off with the packaging on my reviews unless I’m constantly repeating it blog after blog! But with these, being the first pair by 18MM, I had to say a little comment. They came in a basic plastic wrapping; just plain see through with nothing written on them stating what they are. I had to get them out to see what they were only to realise it was the cut-out back. They were folded to show the plain side up so they could have been anything.

Now getting them on was tricky to begin with as they kept turning on one leg, but the scrunch technique will work with these. You do have to pull them up quite a bit so the cut-out doesn’t sit under your heel. They do need to sit where the shoe backing ends to give it the full effect and then work its way up the legs. I did have a hard time once it got past the knees as it kept wanting to turn itself. But they were fine in the end and stayed put for most of the day. You do have to keep messing with them from time to time to make sure they are still lined up correctly.

The feel of them are super soft and so smooth to touch. You can’t really tell they are cheap at all if I’m honest. They don’t feel grainy or rough to touch, so a winner there! I hate it when it feels like that – I always think they’ll be prone to snagging quicker.

I truly love the design at the back . I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but these are so funky and can be worked in a lot of way; it can be sexy or punky or goth. I went with the jumper only just to make it a focal point but in a more subtle way. Pairing with a mini dress or skirt will give it a different look, so you do need to keep that in mind if you do purchase these. Just a little note here: they are a complete cut out so it’s bare skin that shows through.

Over anklets, these will be fine. I didn’t have a problem with them at all, especially being a thick denier.

How do they hold up? Well that is a good question. I don’t know how they did but they managed to for most of the day. they don’t have no silicone band or anything to keep them up; they are just plain material banded. Although they are pretty fitted, they do tend to loosen after a while of wearing them. Unless you have twig legs or some skin glue to keep them up, these will fall slightly. I have thighs that are quite thick (to some extent) and I know that with sitting and standing repeatedly all day, these will gradually loosen.


Overall thoughts on these? I think they are actually alright. I haven’t got any complaints about these and think that they could last really well – just as long as you don’t catch the back of them and rip it! They’re value for money and if you’re looking to make the back the statement piece, well these are the ones!



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