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Couture Ultimates ‘The Charlotte’ Seamless Tights

Well well well… what do we have here? I have to say I haven’t heard of this brand before, and as always, I am excited to get into them! I’m having a lounging day at home, cleaning, pottering, just trying to make myself useful and well… I can only do that in a pair of hosiery!

I came across these on the UKTights website just mooching through, and it did make me wonder what they’re like!


About Couture Hosiery

The Couture brand offers innovation, distinction and beautifully crafted hosiery. A brand that has stood the test of time, Couture was established in 1981 and is synonymous with high fashion. The Brand was purchased by Legwear International in and now includes exclusive sub-brands Vixen, The Bridal Collection, Little Ladies, Future and more.

– Taken from Legwear International

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 80

Materials: 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex

Price: £7.99

Website: UKTights – Couture Ultimates Charlotte Tights 


My Outfit

I went with my oversized lace-up shirt and my slippers (as you do) with these. As you know, I would normally dress them up when going to work, but seeing as I was at home I thought let’s do a lounge day in them!

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A FORE WARNING! I went very snap happy….. Now enjoy 🙂 


The Review

From The Website:

* 80 denier

* Stripe design

* Seamless

* Opaque tights

* 100% Ladder resist

* Light leg support

* New innovative knitting

* Only available at UK Tights

* 81% Nylon

* 19% Spandex

“Couture Ultimates is easily the most unbelievable range of tights in the world. They have an innovative new knitting technique that eschews traditional methods in order to feature something much more clever. Couture use a kind of knitting process that looks a little like a carabiner that makes it impossible to dislodge any thread from its neighbours. This means that Couture Ultimates are truly impossible to ladder… and we mean impossible. If you do get a hole in these incredibly resilient and robust tights, they would never continue to ladder. The Ultimates would stay as they were. We’ve never been able to make this claim about a pair of tights before, but right now we confidently can. The Charlotte design is one of our favourite versions of this new range. The patterning of these items is the most beautiful and flattering element, as the tall vertical lines make you seem taller and help to shape your legs, whilst being simply beautiful all by themselves.”


“Now I have to say on the website, they do have some negative reviews about them, but don’t let that put you off from buying. At the end of the day, everyone has different experiences with hosiery, no matter what brand it may be.” 


The Packaging: all that stands out to me is the hosiery itself and the fact that they’re seamless and ladder-proof; it’s made known on the front and back of the packaging.

At the back, it shows the knitting technique used to make these tights so you can see how they are ladder-proof and also gives you a sizing guide (just in case!)

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Getting In: I found a lovely little card showing me a step-by-step guide on how to get into my hosiery. When unravelling the tights, I found these to be super small – like ¼ size of my leg, so this should be interesting and a good way to test out the ladder-proofing in it!



The Toes: these have no little toe cover – they are ready to go and play in a pair of peep toes! I love it when hosiery does this (even though I would like a little reinforcement now and again!)


The Band: now this is something that sits very low on me, purely because these tights are quite small on me (believe it or not!) They started off just above the belly button and then ended up slipping down to just under the belly, so the gusset isn’t flush on me during the day! Otherwise the band itself is pretty good! – Oh and these are seam-free by the way so bodycon dresses and skirts can come out to play too!



On The Legs: I have to say I love this design; so striking and in your face, but the one thing I dislike is when the design twists and turns on the leg. I had one leg looking pristine, and the other going wonky and doing its own thing! I finally managed to get them in place once I took them off and put them back on another way!


These so hug the legs so well, but if you’re a shorty like me, I would advise going for medium; that way they sit up a bit better than these do. Normally I don’t have an issue, but I think with the way these are made, they aren’t that great on stretching up the legs!


Ladder-Proof?:  I believe these are. I did tug and pull and run my nails down them a few times; pinched and grabbed and twisted and they were going strong! I was actually amazed how well the withstood! Next time I got to video it so you can see!



My Thoughts?

I really do love these; great price for what you get. But the only downside is the sizing. I would recommend going a size bigger just to make sure that these fit you properly. The design is just WOW, ad the fact that they’re ladder proof is even better!

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