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Cotton Blend Three Stripe Thigh High Socks by LeggsBeautiful

And I would now like to introduce another new collaboration between myself and LeggsBeautiful! I have been busy, but never too busy to welcome companies who are getting into the hosiery and legs world!


About LeggsBeautiful 

Starting on eBay & Etsy gave us the ability to debut our collection; we offer a wide range of tights and related products at affordable prices so that you can indulge in a great shopping experience without breaking the budget! 

 First established in 2010 we are now taking this shop to the next level by working with selected manufacturers to design and create originals. Our products are hand-picked by our team which include items we would, and do wear regularly. The eclectic lines available here are good enough to capture anyone’s attention. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years and felt that there was room for more affordable and original products.

 Although Leggsbeautiful is not the first of its kind, we have definitely put a twist on the product that our shop offers. We have a huge selection of Tights, Socks, Shapewear, Hold Ups, Stockings, Fishnets, Fuller Figure Tights and More which are available in a range of sizes and colours. With the collections growing constantly to bring you the latest in fashion accessories.

– Taken from their website (www.leggsbeautiful.com)

Web: www.leggsbeautiful.com

Insta: @leggsbeautifuldotcom

FB: www.facebook.com/leggsbeautiful

 My Outfit

So this is solely focused on the socks themselves rather than what I’m wearing if I am honest. I was having a lounge day at my parent’s house and for once, I can finally lounge in an oversized hoodie and my socks. I can never do that at my in-laws so I was definitely making the most of it at home!

And before anyone asks, the hoodie is my homie’s! I always nick his clothes and then claim them as my own *wink* – does anyone else do that?? I do have hoodies that fit me, but I prefer longer ones to lounge in!


The Review

Taken from their website:

Smooth athletic style knit thigh high socks. Great with skirts or shorts and perfect if your taller.

One size UK 4-7

85% Cotton, 13% Polyester, 2% Elastane.


I thought I would start off with a bit of blurb taken from their website as there isn’t any on their packaging. What you see below is what you get; ready to get straight on your legs!

PhotoGrid_1492776034370Seeing as I didn’t layer tights under these, my legs may look a bit light (depending on the filter used) so I apologise for that! but I wanted to see what they were like on the skin and then I will try them out again with tights underneath to see the difference. I have to say they actually keep my legs quite warm – these are slightly thick even though they don’t really look it. I was taken by surprise as well with that, but it’s a bonus!


They fit so nicely on the feet with plenty of wiggle room, especially if you have long toenails. I do at the moment which is killing me when I wear pointed shoes, but with these socks on, you’re all good! Just make sure you have enough toe room in your heels as these will slightly pad your feet out so it will be a very snug fit.


On the legs, they feel really nice and super soft. I thought it might be quite rough to touch, but these actually aren’t. They’re pretty decent quality I must say; it’s better than buying a cheap pair that only lasts a day and shrinks in the wash!


The band on this is my favourite part. Total soccer socks or what?! I love the three-band bit on it as this is where you get to play around:

  • You can leave them scrunch at the ankles and make them lounge socks
  • You can push them under the knee and leave it as the crinkled effect

You can do it like I do and pull them up thigh high so it would work so well with shorts or miniskirts!


How will it stay?” Well put it this way, the band is pretty tight on the legs which means the hold on them are amazing. I was walking around everywhere without shoes on in the house and they stayed up so well. I rolled over the floor, bed and anywhere else I could find and they stayed put the whole time.

The only thing I would say is that when it’s stretched the band does become slightly transparent, so bear that in mind if that annoys you! I didn’t have a problem as I was lounging and testing them out, but I love them!


Let me just get into the quality of them. I know this isn’t a top brand and I know a lot of my followers are picky about what type of socks they wear, but these aren’t bad at all. I love thicker ones (even though I can’t wear them in summer) but these are decent and I wouldn’t state that if I thought different. I’m sure you can get them cheaper on places like eBay or Amazon, but paying a company means faster shipping and if you’re not happy, then they will sort it out for you (and I speak from experience here).


The only thing I would mention is watch out for getting these dirty – they’re so pristine white I hate it when I get a stain! Oh and be careful not to snag these – I can see it being a nightmare if the threads are pulled!


Overall Thoughts?

For the first review, I love these. I could have easily taken way more pictures but then I found it would have got boring. Next time I will have to pair these with a girly outfit and heels to switch it up.

They’re cute, fun and would look amazing teamed with shorts, an oversized tee and a pair of Nike Dunks! – weekend vibes right here!

Get your fab pair from LeggsBeautiful > Cotton Blend Three Stripe Thigh High Socks

And get yourself 10% off using the code panda10 *kisses*

One thought on “Cotton Blend Three Stripe Thigh High Socks by LeggsBeautiful

  1. Gosh! Actually quite surprised at how much I like these too.
    They look great as they are but yes, I’m looking forward to the next level re girly outfit and heels etc etc
    There really is so much you can do with these.
    Compliments Mrs 🙂