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Co Op Seam Free RHT Stockings – Part 2

And welcome to Part 2 of the blog, which I am happy to be doing. If you didn’t catch my Part 1, check it out here:: Co Op Seam Free RHT Stockings – Part 1

So we are working with a similar pair as before, but this time I have checked and these DO have reinforced heels to them. And as we dressed the last pair up, this time I will be doing a more casual-like outfit. Well I say casual…

The Spec

Colour: Nude / Natural

Size: 9.5

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 100% nylon

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

I got some new pieces and I so wanted to piece it together to create this amazing look. I wore my lace bralet paired with my amazing statement skater skirt and added my barely there sandals in nude pinks.

My Deets

Bralet: Zara

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: Co-Op?

Heels: TopShop



The Review

The Packaging: as I mentioned before, it was interesting to see how these came as I didn’t even know that Co-Op did hosiery! This must have been a good while back as you can tell with the packaging. It shows a partial amount of the foot at the front and the back is completely plain. I have no other details whatsoever about this pair.

When I got in and unfolded it all out, that’s when I noticed that it had 2 pairs. They are 2 different shades of nude, and the band and foot section differ slightly. Otherwise they pretty much look and feel the same.


Getting Them On: doing my scrunch and roll on the feet and up the legs was super easy. I took my time over the anklets, otherwise they were super easy to get on the legs. I got a size which I knew would fit really well and sit high enough on my thighs.



On The Legs: well just like my other pair, these shade just slightly (and I mean ever so slightly) darker on the legs. I do feel these are the actual pair that would have been branded and not the 1st pair I did. Anyways back to the colour; I quite like how they shade on the legs with that brownish colour. I can’t pinpoint an exact colour as so many pop in my head, but put it this way – I like it!

The quality of these are pretty good to be honest; and a lot better than my last pair as these did not snag and ladder. I did take a little extra care just to make sure of that though.

The fit of them are bang on too; these fit like a glove on the legs with very minimal wrinkling. They are just the same size as the last and they are amazing.

The feel of them are soft, however you do feel the netting to them when you run your hands up and down.  These are just the same as my last pair so I won’t waffle on too much.


The Toes & Ankle: now this where the 2 pairs differ; the RHT. I can say this pair is the actual RHT pair instead of the one I did before. These have a small reinforced section around the heel but it’s not like the proper RHT style; they normally cover your whole heel – bottom, around the sides and at the back. This pair has a very small half circle patch which is at the back of the heel.

The toes are reinforced with plenty of wiggle room too. Around the feet and ankles, it’s a lovely smooth fitted finish with very minimal wrinkling.



The Bands: and another feature that is no found on the other pair; this one has a slightly wider welt to them and doesn’t have a huge contrast compared to my previous.

The clasps hooked onto the welts nicely, and these stretch out so they fit the thighs without any gapping. I say that and I still shoved my hand down them lol!


My Thoughts?

A better pair as this is what I was after the whole time; RHT. I loved the fit, the quality and the way they looked on the legs.