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Clio Bas Prestige RHT Stockings

Who else loves a bit of RHT? If you didn’t know before, RHT stands for the following:

R: Reinforced
H: Heels
T: Toes

These tend to be on 100% nylon stockings (or known as vintage stockings) where they have these built into them to give that gorgeous retro look. Personally I love the way they look and feel before and on the legs. They are something special that can transform any outfit into a more ‘classic-looking’ piece.

Now as this is my first time doing Clio, I managed to get a little info on what they’re about:

About Clio

“Clio specialises in traditional French-made stockings. Like Cervin, the company is based in the heart of the Cevennes – a century old region famed for its hosiery production. The products feature flat seams for comfort and aesthetics, lots of reinforced heels and toes, and products made to the shape of the leg for better fitting.”

– taken from StockingsHQ website

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: Medium (5’1″ – 5’3″)

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £8.35 

Website: Amazon – Clio 602 Bas Prestige non-stretch RHT stockings

My Outfit

I paired my floral semi-bodycon dress with these stockings and then added my grey booties to finish off the look. I wanted to keep it light and floral with these stockings.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Stockings: Clio

Booties: Marks & Spencers


The Review

From The Website: Wonderful traditional 100% nylon, non-stretch, RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings in a great choice of colours and sizes.

Popular traditional non-stretch 100% nylon RHT stockings
Great choice of colours and sizes
100% Nylon
Sizes: small 4’9″ – 5’1″, medium 5’1″ – 5’3″, large 5’4″ – 5’6″, x large 5’7″ – 5’9″, xx large 5’9″ – 5’11”


The Packaging: so this packaging is pretty old school (I love this by the way) – very basic, monochrome colours and they get straight to the point. You see only the model’s legs on the front along with the brand name and the back only states very little information about them:

“Suspender stockings. Fin voile 15 d (meaning it’s 15 denier). Reinforced toe and heel. Shapes and ironed.”

When you get in, you will find these gently wrapped around card, and as you unravel you will see that these are shaped to the legs and feet. This is always a good thing; you just need to scrunch down and roll right on without having to worry.

One thing I did notice to begin with is how long these are when I measured them against my legs before I got them on; then again this means I will get a damn good fitting!


Getting Them On:  I would seriously recommend silky hosiery gloves (or cotton if you don’t have the silk touch) as these are super delicate and trust me when I say these can snag super easy. Once you have done your scrunch up, these are pretty much good to roll right up the legs with ease.

These were fine going over my anklets (as long as they aren’t sharp you’re good) and remember that these have no elasticity to them, so you won’t be able to tug these about. Luckily mine sit real high (thank goodness) so I had no issues regarding exposure.


On The Legs: ahhhhhhh they look so good! I love the way they they just give that bare minimum coverage… and then the wrinkles come into play!

So let’s start with the denier! This is 15, which I think is just perfect for that sleek coverage on the legs. It’s like a fine silky mesh material that just caresses the legs, with a touch of grey. I am loving these!

The quality I gotta say is superb; these are a damn good make and remind me of Cervin (I have reviewed these before and loved them!) – they are durable, they haven’t snagged once during the day and as long as you take care of them, they will take care of you.

The fit is just right; this is crucial that you purchase the right size. If you’re unsure, then go one size up; you’d rather have more wrinkles that a tight fit where it looks strange n your legs. the fit is just right; they hug where they need to and then play around gaps and curves (like the knees and ankles).

The feel of them are to die for; pure silky sheery goodness! I love the way you can just run your hands up and down them with such ease. They are absolutely stunning!

The colour is something that I am now working with a bit more, and I am so glad that I got these in grey rather than black or nudes. The grey is very subtle which I do like, and can work for summer!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes and heels are reinforced, which is fab!!! The toes are pretty tight to begin with, but they do ever so slightly loosen to fit. I was scared that they would be applying pressure to my toes throughout the day, but in actual fact they are super comfy!

Around the ankles, these change depending on how you sit. When standing, you will get the wrinkles, but when sitting, this smoothes itself out!


The Band: is just gorgeous. It’s lovely and thick and the clasps can grip on so well. These were sitting on my top thigh (which is where I wanted them to) and stayed all day. These do open up to shape your thighs which I am glad about 🙂



My Thoughts?

You are totally missing out if you don’t get your hands on a pair. I love the fit and feel, and you can get these in a variety of colours too!

A proper classy pair to have in the wardrobe for sure!

5 thoughts on “Clio Bas Prestige RHT Stockings

  1. Beautiful silky sexy vintage innocence.
    I am unashamed in the over use of my zoom button. The gathers on the ankles and behind the knees are just perfection. I absolutely love those so so much. Simply WOW!

  2. These look lovely. None stretch hosiery sounds odd to ME, but then once upon a time I guess it would have all been like that.
    I often wear grey tights, albeit a higher denier, 20-40. I love the subtleness of the grey on the legs, although they probably wouldn’t have the same affect on my pastiness! Haha 😅
    Could you recommend a good comfortable suspender to wear them with? Or at least a brand that makes comfortable ones, or a particular style of suspenders. I’m a few inches thicker around the waste than I’d like to be, so I’m worried about it slipping down over my hips, or just digging in and being uncomfortable. Thank you 😊🙏