Chic By Lorene Noir Anklets

💥NEW BRAND ALERT 💥 and I am so excited about this collaboration! I got in touch with Shana a little while ago as I loved her products as soon as my eyes laid on them. We decided to do a little collab… and here we are!

Now when I showed these on my Instagram Story, a lot of you asked what they were… And if you haven’t guessed already, please scroll down!

About Chic By Lorene

“Chic By Lorene was founded in 2014 by Shana Lorene McGill. Not long after developing her designs she partnered up with her mother Anita McGill where they both created different designs with custom anklets for women’s shoes.

McGill wanted to provide women with different looks for their shoes that were stylish and affordable. McGill envisioned her designs three years ago but never brought it to fruition until the passing of her grandmother on May 8th 2017.

Sharing the same name as her grandmother, McGill decided she would carry on her legacy by creating Chic By Lorene. McGill now invites the world to experience a style without boundaries through the world of Chic By Lorene.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 100% European Ranch Raised Fox

Price: $75.00

Website: Chic By Lorene – Noir Anklets

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: now these bad boys are adjustable, which I am a fan of! They come with velcro straps, and I tied mine a little tight around the ankles to give them a proper cuff vibe. These can fit pretty much any size ankle to be honest!

You can ether wear these with the diamante section under the fur, or switch it so it’s on top.

On The Ankles: I am loving how these look on the ankles! I love cuffs, and remember when I tried to create my own 2 years ago?! These just scream LUXE to me, and I am so glad these are in my life.

So I wanted to re-create a similar post I saw on their page, with red seams and some awesome heels, and this is how it came out!

The fit is just great; you have the option to keep the tight or loosen them up, depending on how you want to wear them. I love that is adjustable and not with elastic either, as that can loosen over time and wear. I will say velcro against nylons isn’t the greatest combo as mine kept catching when I was messing about with them – I will say set them on your hosiery and leave them be. That way you won’t end up with any damage (the damage only happened when I started turning them around and loosening them for the blog images)

The quality is just brilliant; these look expensive and the fur certainly feels it too! I love how stunning they look – even with bare legs and lower heels – these look incredible (I tried them on after the blog was written up and forgot to take pictures!) They really are not something cheap; the fur is sewn in properly, and the diamantes do not loosen either. I did pick at them and fluff up the fur to test it out – they were all good!

The look is right up my street. These can be worn with any footwear you like, however I prefer them with heels really. And the fact you can wear them with the diamantes at the top makes them versatile to your style.

My Thoughts?

I absolutely adore these! They are such a great, high quality pair and worth every penny! I love the way they were packaged up, I love the fit, I love the look, I love how they are adjustable and I cannot wait to wear these out and about when lockdown is over! Thank you so much Shana!

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  1. I actually like all three of the items — hose, heels and the cuffs. Although I suppose you are just reviewing the cuffs this time. And the problem with the hook & loop issue damaging the stockings can be fixed by sewing the hook part of the Velcro on the side that faces away from the ankle.

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