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Charnos Sheer Gloss Finish Tights

Now most of my followers know that I don’t do tan or gloss sheer and usually stick to my blacks and patterned tights, but I thought I would add a different variety to my wishlist.

I got gifted these by @dgpuente, who has also bought me a whole lot more, so I thought I would make a start and bashing through!

Honestly speaking – I was hesitant to do these and thought about what to wear with them all night and decided to go pretty simple with polka dots and booties to begin with and oh boy, these are something special!

Ok ok so enough rabbiting as I am doing and let’s get to the good bits:

  • I love them! I love them! I love them!
  • They’re 15 denier so even better – not too sure if they can do them in 10 which would be awesome!
  • They come packaged well and no snags to start off with before I have even taken them out (thumbs up!)
  • They come already shaped to your legs which is always nice
  • It’s so easy to roll them on – even over anklets
  • They have got such a smooth soft finish
  • They have such a lovely shiny effect making my legs look gorgeous – not too good if you have stubbly legs
  • It’s sheer to waist so no cut off point with these


Now the not so good:

  • They do have a very high waist band – goes over my tummy
  • Does drop a tab bit when you start walking
  • Doesn’t have the reinforced toe

It was pretty hard to think of anything bad about these when so many good points were listed!


Deets for today:

Polka Dot Dress – eBay

Tights – Charnos Gloss Finish (15 Den) from Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencer

(Please excuse the messy room with shoes lying everywhere!)


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      1. Nude is very much your colour. There’s a lot of eye appeal in ‘plain old nude’ – trust me.