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Charnos Lurex Backseam Sparkle Tights

Backseamsssss!! Boy am I excited to be doing backseams again after not doing them for a while, and the best thing is that I have a few lined up too!

I spotted these on The Tight Spot’s Hosiery Outlet – and the fact you can get these under £5 is just bliss!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small-Medium

Denier: 50

Materials: 94% Polyamide 5% Elastane 1% Cotton

Price: £9.95 / sale £4.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Charnos Lurex Opaque Backseam Sparkle Tights


My Outfit

Now I was creating a glam-ish look, so I went for a black cami top as the base and added my slash neck top. The bottom half is that crushed velvet skirt again paired with some killer heels!

I left my hair down and added drop earrings just to give a little to the outfit.

My Deets

Top: Mango

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: LOTD

Tights: Charnos

Shoes: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Transform your look with Charnos Lurex Backseam Tights, these 50 denier seamed tights offer a hint of glamour. The smooth weave is nearer to a semi-opaque, giving your legs a flattering, even tone. These glittering backseam tights are made with a sewn-in cotton gusset and reinforced toes to see you through a long night. Backseam glitter tights are sure to make you dazzle at any party event. 94% Polyamide 5% Elastane 1% Cotton

– 50 Denier

– Silver Lurex Backseam

– Cotton Gusset

– Boxer Brief


The Packaging: so the front of the packaging is pretty decent; it has the model as well as a decent sized window in the front showing you the design. The back has very basic info about the hosiery; sizings, materials, wash care etc.

When you get inside, you will find these neatly wrapped around cardboard with the seam placed in the middle.



Getting Them On: so these are flat packed which means it should be straight forward doing the scrunch and roll up the legs.


I managed to get them in some sort of line – I had to tweak a few bits otherwise these slide pretty much straight up the legs if you scrunched it right to begin with. You won’t get them bang on straight unless you have awesome pins (I don’t so mine always goes wonky near the knees!)



On The Legs: oh my God these are so soft to touch. They’re like a baby’s first bear (that type of soft cashmere touch) and they’re slightly silky too! Even though these are a matte finish, they are so damn nice!

They hug the legs really well too; no crinkles anywhere and no weird patchy parts either which is always good to see!

The matte is a ‘dull’ type which means that when the flash hits, there isn’t a shine to them (I get that with some pairs where they still have a slight shine to them) which helps the legs to have more of a silhouette look. Perfect for those who are keeping warm and keeping those hairs – you’re fully covered here as these are more on the 50 denier opaque side rather than the sheer.

Now let me mention the only downside to these gorgeous tights is that they gather dust and fluff like there is no tomorrow. I was only on the bed for a few minutes and I already gathered loads of fluff. I had to keep dusting myself off to keep that black matte finish looking pristine.


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The Backseam: now the seam itself isn’t a bold one, which makes it even more sexier to be honest. It slightly blends in but as it’s like a gun metal silver/grey, it shines out a little. Perfect for those who like to keep it subtle and classy; this would be a pair I would recommend to you!

It starts from the toe seams and works right up to the boxer brief (sorry guys!) which is enough to be frank; unless you’re wearing something mega short and need it to go right to the band. Personally, I think wearing something short short with these would just ruin the sophistication it had going on.



The Toes & Ankles: well what can I say? To begin with, these started off with some extra material at the side of the toes, however after day’s wear, they mould in so there won’t be so much that’s left at the side. It gives you that extra wiggle room in them as well, as I did feel some pressure on the toes to begin with so I had to pinch them away to release a little pressure.

I don’t think these are reinforced so do be careful with long / sharp toenails as I can see these ripping easily. Even though they are 50 denier, they are still really soft!

Around the ankles, there isn’t any extra material lingering around after a day’s wear, so you’re all good to go with whatever footwear you decide to rock!



The Waistband: comfy comfy comfy! I can’t say that these don’t do their job because they do it so well, you forget that you have a waistband to these. I hardly felt them on all day which is great!

They don’t roll down on themselves and they certainly don’t all down at any point their, which is perfect! The gusset also sits flush against you in these as well!



My Thoughts?

If you’re a seams person, then I would certainly invest in a pair if you can! I certainly loved mine as the subtle classy pair rather than making it a statement one this time around.

The quality is great; no snags all day (minus the defluffing all day long though!), the look is fab and my legs looked and felt great too in them!

I would certainly recommend these!



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  1. I got these last year (or maybe even the year before, if the same ones were out then) and they are still going strong. I sometimes shy away from Charnos on quality grounds, but these have been great. They have been great for Christmas parties! Kx