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Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights

Back into Charnos we go babes! This is my first one doing it with control tops, so this should be interesting.

I opted for the control top again purely because I like feeling secure and having a nice smooth shape when I wear bodycons (whether it be at work, causally or going out).

Now this time I was going out to Nottingham with my brothers, so I decided that I wanted a casual outfit with a nice pair of sheers … And I opted for these!

Now I decided to do this review a little different; we are doing what I call a mini where there is less pics and less of me blurting everything out, so I get right to the point!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials:  69% Nylon, 30% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights


My Outfit

I went with my off-the-shoulder striped top with my velvet mini skirt and I added converses as we were walking everywhere! I needed to be comfy!

I opted for tassel earrings and did a nude-ish lip!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: LOTD

Tights: Charnos

Earrings: H&M

Lipstick: NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic

Trainers: Fake Converses



The Review

From The Website: Smooth your silhouette instantly with this firm brief which is invisible under your clothing. Totally waistband free with flat seams for superior comfort, they flatten your tummy and define your waist. Smoothing your hips as they go their cotton gusset give freshness all day long and their sheer reinforced toe makes them last so much longer. 15 denier appearance, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without this fantastic product from Charnos.

* 15 denier
* Hourglass control
* Flattens your tummy
* Smooths your hips
* Sheer reinforced toe
* Cotton gusset
* 69% Nylon
* 30% Elastane
* 1% Cotton


The Packaging: so the front has the model wearing the hosiery with her legs looking all gorgeous! The back goes into more detail about sizing, hosiery care and the following:

“smoothing firming brief, invisible under clothes
waistband free with flat seams for superior comfort
flattens your tummy, defines your waist & smoothes your hips
15 denier appearance
cotton gusset
sheer reinforced toe”

Once you get inside, these are neatly folded around card. These have leg and feet shaping to them, which means these are gonna be great; a nice leg hugging pair!


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On The Legs: okay so let me do this in a simpler format as I have places to be and instead I’m sitting here writing my blog (whoopsie!):

  • The denier is around 15, however it does look slightly darker compared to most 15s I have done in the past. This could also do with how much material I have to play with. I stretched it as far up as I could and during the day, it fell into place which then makes it seem darker on the legs as it’s not hugging as well as I thought it would.
  • The quality is ok; I managed to get a goof few snags on the thighs, but nothing too major. I have had better Charnos pairs before, but I suppose they do differ from time to time.
  • The feel of them are quite soft, slightly silky and they would do just for a few wears if I am honest. I can’t see this pair lasting me over 10 wears (including washes) so something to consider there.
  • Over anklets these are ok; watch out for any sharp bits as you don’t want to catch these!



The Toes & Ankle: plenty of wiggle room in these and the great thing is that these are reinforced! I didn’t find any pressure put on my toes when wearing these during the day which is great!

Around the ankles, these have a smooth and wrinkle-free finish to them 🙂



The Non-Waistband: so the control top / non-waistband is a weird one. These didn’t feel like control tops when I first got them on. They are super elasticated and they don’t lie … These don’t have an actual band to them. They’re just super stretchy which is so awesome.

Anyways back to the control top; these didn’t feel like they did anything for me to be honest. They would be on the light control side, but even so, I felt like they were normal tights around my waist. I didn’t see a difference when I got them on between a normal pair and this ‘hourglass’ figure it’s supposed to give me. I would have shown you a before and after pic, but I don’t do nakedness…



My Thoughts?

Not too sure how I feel about these if I am honest. I feel like they are a decent pair for a few wears, but nothing more than that.

The control top – was lacking as I felt it didn’t do anything. The snagging became an issue when I managed to get a good few by the end of the day.

Nothing too special in my eyes … Doubt I would recommend these…