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Charnos Crystal Seamed Tight

Oh it has been a while Charnos, but I am back in these beauties with an extra little something something hiding away at the back.

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M

Denier: 20

Materials: 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Price: £25.95

Website: Amazon – Charnos Crystal Seamed Tights


My Outfit

I paired these gorgeous tights up with my blue bodycon dress along with my patent dom heels just because I wanted to rock all things new out today (minus the dress!)

I left my hair down and just added multi-coloured drop earrings to keep it looking simple and chic at the top.

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Charnos

Shoes: PleasureUSA Oxford Pumps Domina-460 Patent Heels


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The Review

From The Website: These stunning sheer crystal tights from Charnos have a luxury diamante embellished seam. These sparkle tights are decorated with glittery jewels that run from the heel to the top of the leg for an elongating finish. The studded back seam has a beautiful twinkle when it catches the light. Bring a little sparkle into your everyday wear or create a fantastic party look with these glimmering 20 denier tights. Featuring a cotton gusset for an easy wear and comfortable feel. 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Diamante Back Seam

20 Denier Sheer Finish


Crystal Studs

Cotton Gusset

Reinforced toe


The Packaging: so Charnos is pretty simple but effective – it has a window at the front (only sometimes but in this case it’s flashing off the design) and then a small lowdown of everything at the back:

Complete your look with these crystal backseam tights from our seasonal collection. Crystal backseam. Cotton gusset. Reinforced toe.



Getting Into Them: the first thing I noticed about these is that they are already snagged inside and you can tell when you’re looking through the window on the packaging.


As these have the cardboard in them (and this is the reason why I hate it when it is), and taking that out created another 5 snags I counted, so I am miffed as anything right now!


One point in will mention is that the leg with the card in has a straight line of diamantes for the backseam, and the other is completely bent so this will be interesting getting them on!


Getting them on hosiery gloves IS A MUST with these, because you don’t wanna create another 6 with your fingers!


On The Legs: okay so this review is not going well… Why? Because I am snagged up already and this is in the first 15 minutes of being in them. they have a nice sheer matte look which I do love, and the diamante back is just stunning.


But let me tell you another bloop point – the diamantes end up going wonky during the day. I will explain later…


Now the quality; this isn’t great at all. The amount of snags I have ended up with is just mind-blowing. I have never been in a pair this bad before, and whilst writing this, I saw another little snag appear from somewhere. God know how that happened, but I’m past the point of caring now.



The Toes: probably the only good thing I have to talk about here. There is plenty of wiggle room in them, and they’re reinforced as well, so long nails shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Around the feet is a sheer denier which has hardly snagged, so happy about that!



The Band: I’m actually disappointed. It sits quite high, so higher than your belly button, but it keeps rolling itself down. I had to keep pulling it up slightly and making it sit flat, but during the day I felt it fall down a few times (the gusset was still against me so that was fine) but it’s just frustrating. I don’t know if that’s because I’m in a bodycon dress, but I have done Charnos before in one and that was fine, so not too sure why it’s occurring!



The Backseam: right so getting back to it. Let me start off good before I go savage on them. So they start off just above the ankle (which is always a good thing as I don’t want my feet to be pressing on gems all day), and then works right up to the top thigh (sitting under the bum).


  • Point 1: the seams are so wonky I actually wanted to take these off and get another pair on when I got to work. I counted 8 times I had to go to the toilet to pull them down and then line them up again. I spent most of my day doing this rather than doing my actual job!
  • Point 2: as they sit high on the thighs, you end up pressing into them which ends up hurting a lot, so you do need to adjust a little, which means you need to make your seam wonky so it doesn’t keep digging into you. Then again I hardly had to move it as it did it itself!
  • Point 3: every time you try and sort out the backseam to be straight, you end up causing another snag.
  • Point 4: you can’t cross your legs with these; the diamantes on the crossed leg ends up catching on the leg underneath leaving more snags.



My Thoughts?

Avoid at all costs. I have had so much trouble with them all day, and to be honest I can’t say they are worth it. If the backseam stayed straight then I wouldn’t have minded, but I ended up having to readjust so many times, the amount of snags I ended up with by the end of the day was unreal and well… I don’t see a point if I am honest.

Save yourself the hassle and the money.


6 thoughts on “Charnos Crystal Seamed Tight

  1. Great looking fashion tights love the jeweled look up the back. It’s not good about the snags when you use great care putting them on only reason I wouldn’t buy these but do like the jeweled look very classy.

  2. Wish they was real diamonds sad about the snags hope the next pair of charnos dont have any blemishes when you put them on
    I wonder Why!