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Charnos Bridal Floral Net Holdups

If you know anyone who is getting married, then I would suggest letting them know about this blog. I got gifted this gorgeous pair for my birthday and I thought it would be great to turn bridal hosiery into something you can wear to work (or just generally) rather than keeping it for the special day only.

The Spec

Colour: Ivory

Size: S/M

Denier: Around 30-40

Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Price: £7.95

Website: Amazon – Charnos Bridal Floral Net Hold Ups Ivory Small/Medium

My Outfit

I decided to go pretty neutral with this outfit. You can always change the skirt to be a colour pop one so it doesn’t look too toned down. I was gonna add a blue skirt, but then went with stone in the end. You could also change the shoes as well to a brighter coloured pair instead of nude too.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Holdups: Charnos

Heels: Onlymaker



The Review

From The Website: Absolutely gorgeous floral net stay ups from Charnos! These beautiful lace fishnets have an all over elegant floral pattern, with a close net base and decorative top. A sophisticated design that is great as bridal wear or for a special occasion. Including silicone bands on the inside of the thigh to keep these hold ups in place. Deluxe ivory fishnet thigh highs for a great value price! We love this fierce and classy look.

Ivory Fishnet Hold Ups
Decorative Top
Floral Pattern
Deluxe Lace Thigh Highs
Silicone Bands


The Packaging: as you can see below, it’s pretty basic but still enticing enough when you can see the net through that little window at the front.

The back doesn’t go into much detail, so I’m just gonna go right into them. These come with card inserted inside 1 leg and plastic packaging around it to preserve the netting from becoming damaged.


Getting Them On: I have t say these are a little tight to begin with, as the netting doesn’t have much stretch to them so you will need to stretch these out a little to do your scrunch. I popped my feet in, took my time over my anklets and then rolled them up the legs. They will feel a little tight but that goes away shortly after.



On The Legs: well let me say that these look amazing. I don’t do bridal enough as I have always been fearful of dressing them wrong, but let me say that I wish I can get my hands on more pairs, especially in this amazing colour!

I love the quality of them as they are a nice thick netting, which is pretty resistant to getting caught. I hardly snagged mine and I can certainly say there were no rips either.

The fit of them are great, but I feel that a medium would struggle with getting them on unless you are happy to really tug and stretch them out whilst you get them on. I would probably recommend going one size up just in case. The feel of them are slightly rough but it’s nothing that would itch your legs during the day.

The design is just stunning as well; it’s heavily patterned and may look like a doily from far, but these are gorgeous on the legs and I could see this under a wedding dress for sure. I can also see this paired with a bright pink skirt or a cobalt blue too!

The colour is one that I need to wear more, and experiment with. I rarely wear this colour, but not I desperately will try to get my hands on other pairs to do; both simple and patterned!

I wanted to change the whole bridal element so you can actually get more wear and use out of them rather than just for the special day and that’s it.


The Toes & Ankle: are reinforced and you can see this wide strip covering the toes where there is no pattern or netting. This reinforcement is pretty thick and does its job well let me tell you. I had a little bit of extra material in them which I ended up tucking under my toes.

They are a lovely fitted finish around the feet and ankles, and no pressure is applied either during the day. They are comfortable to be in.



The Bands: oh these bands are just stunning! It works from this heavy net style to this delicate lace band and it looks ultra feminine! I wore mine quite high up the legs as my skirt was pretty short, but you can always wear it lower or even show it off if you wish to.

These have 1 thick silicone band going across them at the top, which does hold up well, but you will need either a suspender belt or some holdup glue to keep them going all day if you are gonna take them on and off a few times. Mine started to lose the tackiness and then started flapping away from the skin.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say these are a lovely pair, and I really enjoyed being in them. I loved working them with an outfit rather than just letting them be all bridal-looking, and I think it can works so well if you dress them right. I loved the quality of them and how they looked om the legs. I feel the silicone band did let me down, but if you have holdup adhesive you can always apply this or just use a suspender belt to add a little more spice!

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  1. Well, let me tell you, purely from an observers point of view 😏😛 …
    …They look absolutely fantastic 😍

    They just work perfectly, don’t they.