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Charnos Baroque Patterned Tights

Let’s get back to reviewing Charnos – and this interesting design! I added these onto my wishlist a good while ago and bless some follower who gifted them for Christmas!

I had to get reviewing them before all my collab work comes into play!

The Spec

Colour: Black/Grey

Size: S/M

Denier: Around 40?

Materials: 78% Polyamide, 17% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Price: £6.99

Website: Amazon – Charnose Baroque Patterned Tights 


My Outfit

Now ad I was lounging at home (that is all I have been doing lately) doing coursework, I decided to dedicate this one to my females (and males) who choose to wear oversized hoodies with their hosiery.

It reminded me of when i was back at Uni as that is all I used to wear everywhere – forget normal clothing, just give me a hoodie and hosiery (or leggings if it was cold) and I would be there.

I wore my white (men’s) oversized hoodie and paired these with my Timberland boots (which I ended up leaving in the car – BOO!)

I kept it really casual – no jewellery, no makeup and hair down.

My Deets

Hoodie: Terranova

Tights: Charnos



The Review

Off The Website:

  • Ornate and exuberant fashion tights, with baroque design
  • Shimmering black with grey-blue trellis pattern
  • 78% Polyamide, 17% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Hand wash
  • Pattern through to toe, plain panty, gusset
  • Made in Italy. 2 Sizes


The Packaging: these came in open packaging (which means that they look the the below images) – so you get into them straight away. The good thing is that these don’t have any card in them so you can roll them right on.

The front is really basic and the back just gives you the materials, the sizing and wash care instructions. Nothing much to write about this time.



Getting Them On: when you unfold them out, these are longer than my actual legs, so it will be interesting to see what they are like once they are on. This just means that you won’t need to pull them up so much when you’re getting them on.

… Check out how big that boxer brief is!!!


So on the legs (I rolled them up slowly dropping material as I go along so it doesn’t all gather at the top) – they fit really well! They’re semi opaque so you do get a bit of sheerness to them where it stretches out.



On The Legs: the fit is great and really cosy on the legs. They don’t crinkle under the knees but they do drop a little around the ankles during the day (will show you further down). They’re smooth and soft to touch, and the best thing is that these don’t gather dust or fluff either.

They are a matte finish, so you won’t seen much shine to them to be honest (the flash was on in some images so you can see the contrast).

Being small-medium sized, you will notice that these won’t fully sit flush against the legs like you would expect them to, so prepare so them to move a little during the day if you’re legs are quite slim. I found that on the bottom half, whereas my thighs loved it as they’re chunkier so it stretched out well in this area.


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The Design: it’s so unique and the fact that I dressed them down and casual worked in my eyes. I would have work these to work, but I wanted to see what they looked like with hoodies and boots instead for a change. A lot of people always do plain sheers, but my biggest thing was dressing patterns with them to make it look more of a fashion piece than everyday wear (wait does that make sense?!)

The design starts right from the toe seams and works its way up to the boxer brief (which starts under the bum). It’s consistent throughout (sometimes you get little imperfections).

The stretch is decent in these, and it’s got to be as it’s working with 2 sizes. As you can see it’s a smaller print from the feet to knees and then stretches out on the thighs. Not as consistent as I would have liked it, but then again I don’t mind it. at work I would want to cover that section.

Can’t report any snagging issues either here – they are decent!!


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The Toes & Ankles: okay so toes! These are decent; pretty thick material around this part which means plenty of wiggle room in them. As you can see on the left, there is extra material on the side of the toes, but during the day (as your feet perspire), these do mould so nothing major to worry about. I don’t think these are reinforced, but the denier is pretty high, so you should be ok as long as you don’t have long or sharp nails.

The ankles is the bit that got me; they crinkled a lot. I kept having to adjust so they would stop doing it. It was fine when I was in my Timberlands, but otherwise it was just visible to the world and it bugged me a lot!



The Waistband & Gusset: one of the longest boxer briefs I have seen in a very long time! This brief and band works right up to under the bra!

To begin with, it’s decent and stays up well, but during the day as it sits so high up, it starts to roll down (as you can see in the 2nd image where they are on me). Not nice when you’re sitting for majority of the day really!

The band itself has plenty of stretch and it gives you a slight hug on the waist rather than a nice tight-ish fit. I can see these losing elasticity during the day and in future wears as it didn’t begin with a good tight band.

The gusset is interesting as it’s quite see-through and not as thick as previous ones I have seen before. It’s pretty sheer (it doesn’t look it in the image unfortunately!) and something that I wouldn’t be comfortable going commando in to be honest.



My Thoughts?

Even though the design is super quirky and perfect for those who are more into their semi opaques – opaques, I can’t say these are my cup of tea.

I loved everything about them; the quality is decent and the design is super cool, but the fact that these are double-sized, it means that I had to spend my time pulling them up and adjusting throughout the day when it was the last thing I should think about.

Not only that, they sit so high up that you need to think about what dress or top you would wear with them; even though the seams sit against you, under a bodycon they would show through.

2 thoughts on “Charnos Baroque Patterned Tights

  1. Nice review not into the roll down of the waist but do like the pattern. Myself like more of a glitz look of the baroque pattern have a wonderful baroque glitz look in my collection from Stylish Fox.