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Charnos 24/7 Gloss Tights

And roll on Part 2 – I decided to split these as both pairs of hosiery deserve their own blog! I mean who wants to cram all that info and lovely pics into one massive blog and get bored?…

We sure as hell don’t here!

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So I came across these as a buyer wanted me to get them to try out, and I am glad I did. I think Charnos are pretty decent to be honest and well… a glossy pair is always a YES from me!

Charnos Crystal Seamed Tight

Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights with DSquared2 Abba Sandals

Charnos Viscose Spot Tights

Charnos Floral Tights

Charnos Sheer Gloss Finish Tights

The Spec

Colour: Barely Black

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 87% Nylon, 12% Lycra, 1% Cotton

Price: £5.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Charnos Hosiery – Charnos 24/7 Gloss Tights 2 Pair Pack


My Outfit

So as this is a roll on, I won’t go into too much detail about the outfit – I went smart casual for work (as I do!) and rocked out my black dress with a cream lace kimono and my black court shoes.

I had my hair half up and slick back and added small studs to finish it off.




The Review

From The Website: Charnos 24/7 range is great quality and fantastic value. This 2 pair pack of 10 denier gloss finish tights are perfect for day wear, giving a comfortable wear all day long or even into the evening for a polished look! Featuring a reinforced toe, boxer brief, cotton gusset and comfort waistband you really can’t go wrong.

87% Nylon, 12% Lycra, 1% Cotton

– 10 Denier
– Shiny Finish
– Boxer Brief & Re-inforced Toe
– Great Value 2 Pair Pack


The Packaging: Charnos I find to be quite simple but it shows you everything you need to know. The front has the model in the pair (well I dunno about here) and the back gives you real simple detail about the hosiery:

“Ultra gloss 10 denier high shine leg. Boxer briefline with comfort wasitband. Cotton gusset. Reinforced toe.”

Inside these are neatly wrapped and flat packed, so you just scrunch and roll them on!



On The Legs: okay so you got to be careful getting these on as they are delicate (hosiery gloves are a must here). On the legs they are so smooth and so silky soft; you just wanna rub your hands all over to be honest. The denier is just great for the barely black effect (very light leg coverage for sure).


These hug the legs really nicely (over bumps and lumps) and stays put throughout the day. Sometimes you can get hosiery that moves around a little when legs are dry or they’re just a crap fit; these stay in place!


The only downside is that these do snag VERY easily; I managed to nip a few times on the front whilst scratching so I was not happy about that. Thank God I had the nets on top!



The Toes: so sheer and so goooooddddddd!!!! I love the fact that these are reinforced and you can still rock sandals with them for those winter parties coming up! I would be careful of longer nails as you don’t want to end up ripping them, but for the day (or night) then these are the ones!

There is plenty of wiggle room in them too and no pressure on the toes during the day either.



The Waistband: now it states comfort band however I wasn’t too happy about it to be honest. I found them to be falling down slightly during the day and rolling quite a fair bit too; not something that you would expect, especially under a bodycon dress! I did have to pull up a few times and adjust every so often, so maybe they aren’t as great as they look!



The Boxer Brief: now I haven’t heard it be called this before and I may just have to adopt it from Charnos! This starts from under the tushy/top thigh depending on how tall or short you are. It’s a slightly thicker denier but you’re only talking between 20-30 to be honest’ it doesn’t seem any higher than that. The image below shows it to be a lot lighter but the waistband pic shows you closeup and with less flash on it so you can see more of a true-er image.



The Sheerness: oh my! It is just fantastic; I love how much leg you can see with slight coverage to add a touch of sexy. The denier is just perfect (but won’t be keeping you warm in winter mind you!) – I would certainly layer with these to be honest to give that shine underneath any hosiery.



The Gloss: as you can see from the images below, they do transform in the light. During the day (or natural light) they don’t seem as glossy as they do when light hits them. Obviously these would be better in the summer, but then again we all like to sparkle a little in the winter too!



My Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Charnos 24/7 Gloss Tights

  1. Love your review well written got to say I love the glossy look plus the soft silky feel when it comes to tights and I agree I don’t like my hosiery rolling myself these have been thinking about buying. Here’s a tip does work the playboy bunnies usually wear 2 pairs of glossy tights to give even more of a glossy look.