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Charmante Black Holdups

And now onto the final Charmante I have in my collection (once again gifted by a follower)! I really like this brand; affordable and really good quality. I know it may not be a popular brand (or a brand you’ve ever heard of) but sometimes they turn out to be just as good!

Not really feeling too great today, so I kept it pretty simple and casual(ish) for work! Had a heavy weekend and well… still recovering from it!

By the way all the photos were taken on the phone today as the camera was on charge, so apologies if some of the shots are a little blurred or out of focus!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: S/M

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price & Website: 14.90 Euro / Unknown


My Outfit

Keeping it casual and throwing in some Autumn-ness; I went for my black cami top tucked into my forest green bodycon skirt, added my court shoes and a cream fluffy cardigan and just some simple multi-coloured drop earrings.

I wanted to rock out a dress but when I opened the curtains, it looks so grim and wet, so I chose to switch up the outfit last minute and just rolled with it.

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Holdups: Charmante

Cardigan: New Look

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

The Packaging: once again these are in a slim-line box waiting to be unwrapped! The front shows the model wearing them, and the back is the standard information you get on most  packaging; sizes, washing care etc.

When you get inside, these are wrapped differently. They’re actually open (so no plastic) and covered in tissue paper. I was surprised seeing as the last two I did were still wrapped in plastic.


Getting Them On: is pretty easy and straight forward! That’s how I like it to be, especially if I’m shooting off to work. I don’t have time to faff about (and I’m sure most of you don’t either) so the easier the better!


The best thing about these is that they’re folded in half, which means you get the subtle leg shaping to them, which means you follow the line down and boom! I always find it easier when they’re folded and shaped to the legs rather than flat packed; it means you just scrunch and roll and follow so you get them exactly where they need to be. You will need to turn the bands outwards just so they don’t catch your legs half way through or fold on themselves so you got to pry the off the silicone band!



On The Legs: they’re lovely! Like I mean seriously lovely! I love the denier and then that gorgeous backseam which makes it pop. It’s one of those pieces where it looks simple at the front and then it’s all happening at the back! The quality of these are great; no snags, no rips, no nothing! The denier is perfect for A/W as it’s dark enough (with a hint of sheer) to wear anywhere and they do look great on. It’s not a shiny denier but a lovely semi-matte finish which means the legs are gonna look great!



The Backseam: is to die for. On the packaging it’s against nudes which certainly stand out, but this little beauty is blended in slightly with it being a subtle statement piece… and it still looks amazing! If you’re not into bold prints, then I would always advise to  go for black on black; that way you get your statement but it’s done in a more subtle way rather than it being your focal point. It works from the toes right up to the band, and the beauty of this is that it doesn’t have to be bang on straight either. It’s not a normal backseam line, which means even if it did twist a little, it just adds to the design. I normally have to adjust and put back into the centre because it drives me mad (the perfectionist side of me kicks in here)!



The Toes: a little reinforcement going on here maybe? Maybe? not stated but then I would like to pin it down as they are, so I’m rolling with it! I love how the design starts right underneath as well – just that little touch! There’s enough wiggle room in these as well!


The Band: is flipping great! I miss bands that are so hard to pull apart when you first wear them. These were tough as anything, which means they will hold up well throughout the day. You may want to flip these so they face outwards as I managed to make one roll in and it was a pain to get it undone.


The band is simple in design, but then the backseam does most of the work. It would have been nice being a lace-type detail like you get with other holdups, but then again I’m loving the simplicity of it!



My Thoughts?

I am loving these; the quality is fab, the band is just amazing and can withstand a night out and the design is just to die for! You can dress these up or down to be honest; wear it formally or casually and it would still look amazing!

I am seriously loving this brand, and actually may have to invest in a few more pieces!

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