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Charmante Autoreggente Eros 40D Holdups

I am doing a lot of red and black lately – I’ve just realised that! Then again I suppose red is currently in, so let’s put it down to that hehe! Thank you to my follower who gifted these – getting through them as best as I can!

So here we have another Charmante pair; very similar to the Charmante Autoreggente Borgese Holdups I did not that long ago! However, these are a lot more full on velvet goodnesss……. Trying not to drool here!

The Spec

Colour: Nero-Rosso / Black/Red

Size: S/M

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Denier: 40

Price: 18.25 euro

Website: unknown


My Outfit

Keeping it simple in black today. I was opting for some colour but most of my dresses would have showed the top of the holdups as they’re so deep, so I had to go for something longer and this was just there!

I wore my red booties with them (I left these at work) and had my hair down and frizzy! I added a silver choker to it just to give it a little something seeing as my outfit was pretty plain!

My Deets

Dress: Boo Hoo

Holdups: Charmante

Booties: Marks & Spencers

Choker: off eBay



The Review

Not gonna lie, these are pretty much identical to the last pair I did, so I will be repeating myself a fair bit here!


The Packaging: They came in a slim box, with the model’s legs wearing them at the front and some lowdown about them at the back:

fancy tights with reinforced toe” – once again!

Once I got inside, I found them neatly folded in plastic (to protect them) and when opening them out, I saw them slightly shaped to the legs (so easy to line up and go!).



The Toes: they were actually ok this time around. They didn’t feel cramped or anything, which is always a good thing. Plenty of wiggle room in them!



The Legs: once again these are sitting really high up. Not only are they deep laced, but these sat right under my bum cheeks and not once did they slowly fall down. I did find that these snagged a lot easier than the last pair, which I was surprised about as they’re decent quality and felt just the same.



The Band: once again these did not let me down. They are great and held up so well. They kept my dress down too (due to the velvet) which is always a good thing! I love how intricate the design is; I loved the last, but these are more eye-catching and in your face. I like how the seams sit at the back due to how these were lined up to begin with.



My Thoughts?

I really do like these. They’re gorgeous, but the only problem is the snagging! The nylons behaved themselves and wasn’t patchy on my legs this time, but they caught so easily which is just blah!

That velvet design is just breathtaking!


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