Chains Chains Chains!

A big thank you to the follower who gifted both of these.

I thought I would write a small piece on them and just show them off basically – they’re so pretty I had to!

Now you are going to have to excuse if my feet seem a bit red – I literally just finished my leg work-out and my feet were gone!

Multicoloured Foot Chain:

  • I’ve never seen anything so exotic looking before! These will go with anything to jazz up your feet!
  • They’re easy to get on – you just slide your foot through and pick which toe you want to hook it onto.
  • The bells outline the whole design and makes the most nicest sound ever – felt like a right Indian when I was walking around the room!
  • They’re one size so it will fit most. I wouldn’t recommend to people who do have plumper feet (no offence) as you don’t want to stretch these too much that you lose the actual design
  • It does fit my foot nicely – I thought it would be loose and fall down but it stayed put!


  • I would just say be careful that you don’t over-stretch these as some beads will come off. I had that when I was getting it over my ankle – a bead popped off.
  • You may also want to bear in mind – when wrapping it around your toe, just make sure there are no beads under as it will hurt when you start to walk. Just be sure to push all the beads round to the front.


Malloom Turquoise Foot Chain

  • I love the look of this chain – simple but effective. This is something that you would wear on the beach for sure, strutting around in a bikini holding a martini!
  • It clasps at the back and drapes around the ankle.
  • You could even wear these with a pair of court shoes or peep toes on a night out too!


  • The only downside is that it would sit better on wider ankles than smaller – it was fairly big on me and did fall to the bottom of my foot. It sat really nicely but if I was wearing shoes or sandals, this would be a problem.