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Cervin Paris Montrésor Nylon Tulle Stockings & Suspender Belt

Merry Christmas you beautiful people!


I have a double whammy for you today along with some videos, some amazing images and a lovely lengthy blog too! This pair I have held onto for almost a full year, as I was supposed to have reviewed this in Spring/Summer. I thought now would be a great time to bring them out and party my way in!

Not going to lie, I had a lot of fun dressing up today and I really wish I had it in me to do it a lot more. I certainly have to consider this for 2020!


The Stockings Spec

Colour: Black 

Size: T1 (Small)

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €39.00 / Sale €15.60

Website: Cervin Paris – Montrésor Nylon Stockings with embroidered tulle Top

The Suspender Belt Spec

Colour: Black 

Size: TXS (X-Small)

Materials: 80% Polyamid, 20% Elastane

Price: €84.00

Website: Cervin Paris – Montrésor Suspender-belt

The Stockings Review

From The Website: New! Discover the pure Nylon RHT and the embroidered tulle Top of CERVIN Paris Montrésor 15 Denier Nylon Stockings. Cervin Paris Montrésor 15 Denier black Nylon Stockings with flower pattern embroidered tulle Top.

RHT Nylon Stockings integrally and exclusively made in France and carefully hand wrapped in an insert envelope then in a protective plastic pocket. CERVIN authenticity certificate is provided.

15 Denier

100% Nylon Polyamid

Sizes 0 to 6

Colour: Black


The Packaging: we are looking at the packaging with the legs and floral design on in this section (the other is for the suspender belt). The packaging is quite lovely and certainly different; it does scream Parisian to be honest. The front has the brand name and the back shows a thin window in the middle with the stockings welt design. I knew instantly these are gonna look amazing.

When you get in, you will find these neatly folded around card and also the quality service number (reminds me of Wolford here). When you fold them out, they have the foot and leg shaping to them, ready to get on.


Getting Them On: I wore my silky hosiery gloves with this pair, and rolled them slowly up the legs. I took my time going over my anklets and then shimmied them up the legs and set them in place with my accompanying suspender belt.


On The Legs: oh my god I fell in love and I am absolutely crushing over the whole look. They have completely transformed my outfit to this beautiful classy piece. The denier being 15 makes these lovely and sheer on the legs, so you still get your skin colour popping through and the stockings are just enhancing them with a touch of black.

The quality of them are stunning; I felt so comfortable in them and they were perfect on my legs. I didn’t have any snags or runs in these throughout the day, and there was enough room for my legs to move about in as well without feeling restricted.

The fit of them are true to size and these were the perfect fit. If you’re unsure of your size, check the guide. I wouldn’t have minded going one size up if I wanted to get some wrinkles around the legs. But I loved the fitted look this time.

The feel of them are just divine; they are soft,they are silky, they make your legs slip off one another and they are gorgeous. End of.



The Toes & Ankle: can you see how gorgeous the toes and feet look in these? I love how sheer this denier, to the point it just encases the legs in this soft black stocking  with a barely there look to them. The toes aren’t reinforced so you will need to be careful with longer toenails and make sure they are smooth so they don’t end up ripping.

These had plenty of wiggle room to them and there was no pressure added either during the day whilst I was in them. It was such a perfect fit around the toes, feet and ankles!



The Bands: oh these bands are just delicious! I fell in love as soon as I saw them and think they look amazing! I forgot to roll the left leg down when I took the image below as I had just got them on and wanted to take a picture.

Anyways, the contract to the legs is just super; they are just simply sexy and look so expensive! They have a tulle finish to them which means it feels slightly like net, but it doesn’t irritate the legs at all. I felt they were comfortable enough to be in all day (and night). They sat perfectly on my thighs, and I didn’t feel that they stretched out too much either. Normally I can feel it to begin with, but not with these.

Now with clasping on, the first thing I said to myself:

“How am I supposed to clasp on without ruining it?”

Well let me say that these are strong enough to take it and not damage it in any way. I kept an eye on them all day, and not once did I ever experience an issue with them. They have held up so well all day without any issues.



The Suspender Belt Review

From The Website: Discover Cervin Paris Montrésor Suspender-belt: the brand new Black & Red embroidered tulle Suspender-Belt with 6 straps and metal clasps. The perfect partner for the brand new CERVIN Montrésor 15 Denier black Nylon Stockings with flower pattern embroidered tulle Top.

Tulle suspender belt, with little satin bows at the top of each 6 straps, soft ribs on the front for a better support, hook fastener on the back.

80% Polyamid, 20% Elastane


The Packaging: well this is a fancy dance box that the suspender belt came in. I have never received anything like this before, so already I am super impressed. I expected the stockings to be in here instead.

You can find a lot more detail about “How To Attach The Stockings” at the back of the box, and you pop open the lid to get in. You will find them wrapped in Cervin tissue paper, ready to get on.


Getting It On: I undid the hooks at the back and set them to the tightest so they sit around my belly button. I like them sitting around here as I feel supported knowing that they won’t budge or fall down, and won’t feel weird when I sit down.

I adjusted the straps so they sit a little higher and can pull up the stockings to where I want them to be. Some people hook on the stockings and then adjust, but I don’t like faffing around like that, so I do it beforehand.



Holding Up The Stockings: well they did a damn good job of doing that for me today. The clasps hooked on well to the tulle welt on the stockings and stayed put all day long. This is one reason why I prefer metal clasps as they hold on so well compared to plastics (tried and tested and didn’t work for me in the past)

As I mentioned before, the straps can be adjusted no matter what size you purchase. These are great as the metal bit which holds it in place is so strong and really good for those who wear stockings religiously like I do. This also allows you to sit them high or lower down the thighs; you aren’t stuck with one strap that you have no control over.



The Clasps & Body: well the body on this is just divine; it really does work hand in hand with the stocking welt and completes it as a whole piece. These fit my waist so well, and you have 3 levels of eye and hooks that you can choose from, so you get a comfortable fit. These also have soft piping at the front, which helps to keep the shape of the body in place and gives it some support.

This doesn’t dig in at all and was so comfortable to wear all day. It was the perfect width for me.



My Thoughts?

This set is to die for. I love the way they looked together, I love them on their own, I love the design and style, I love the fit and the overall luxury feel they give off. I am in awe and I would certainly recommend them to you all!

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