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Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings

Oh Cervin how I have missed you? The last time I was in a pair was for Shapings.com doing an exclusive review and a lot of time has passed since I have been in them again, so I’m pretty excited to rock these out! – perfect for hump day!

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Now let me mention that these aren’t stocking and more holdups as they have the silicone bands rather than you needing a garter belt.

The Spec

Colour: Gazelle

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 94% silk, 4% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

Why do I keep doing this? I am in black once again with block heels! Although this time I have a bit more going on with the dress; the cross front and the bell sleeves give it that bit extra hey?

Anyways so I didn’t go jazzy with shoes and kept it block heel once again!

I added long thin earrings, and left the hair down (nothing special but it was dressed enough).

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Holdups: Cervin

Shoes: New Look


The Review

The Packaging: so the front shows the model wearing the hosiery (I think in the colour or similar to the one I have inside) with a small peep hole at the top, and at the back it’s a bigger window with the following stated at the side:

The qualities of silk.

Its protein based composition is close to that of the skin. It has natural insulating, anti-static and fire resistant properties. It naturally transfers moisture towards the exterior, creating a healthy and ideally balanced environment for healthy and comfortable wear.

Once you get inside, you find the hosiery wrapped around the card stating the following:

Madam, my silk worms gave me the yarn for these silk stockings, and my hands made them. They are the first stockings ever made in this land, from the pure silk from the Cevennes mountains.

Would you please try them on at least once.

Then please share your legs around and if you do not hear people say that my silk is more beautiful than the Italian silk, then I resign my job.

Sin de Voltaire*

Silk stocking manufacturers to the Duchess of Choiseul

* Sin de Voltaire 18th century essayist and writer.



Getting Them On: so they’re pretty rough on the inside too (I suppose this is the raw type silk material), so I would advise hosiery gloves otherwise you will end up snagging these very easily; they’re a rough delicate material if that makes sense!! As these were slightly shaped to the legs, it made it easier to slide them right on (and they were fine over my anklets too)!


I have to be honest; I did pull mine to sit higher than normal, which ended up causing some streaks down the legs where the material has been stretched too much. At least I know not to do that again!



On The Legs: okay so not keen on the rough looking texture on the legs in normal lighting; gotta consider that amazing silk from the mountains and all that jazz. When the sun/flash hits, it just shimmers and looks stunning, but without that, they look really opaque and not that nice looking to be fair. The only smooth part was the band.


Anyways, so the shimmer is to die for! They completely transform the legs into this mermaid effect! I love how it goes from this creamy-ish colour to skin-colour shimmer in an instant!



The Toes & Heels: I am miffed. To begin with, they were fine and actually had no issues. The toes had enough room in them, and they were reinforced too! The heel was the biggie as I’ve never seen a baggy heel on a pair of holdups before. It didn’t look too bad once they were on, but they did feel pretty rough-like rather than a smooth finish.


Later during the day, I find that the heel (which is supposed to be reinforced) has a massive rip going down from the ankle to the toes and the toe area now have holes in them. Honestly, what the hell happened there?! PhotoGrid_1510327612058.jpg

Snagging Issues: oh my God! Can I just express how miffed off I am that this has happened? Not only did I get holes around the toes, but the rip at the back of the heel as well as snags near the band at the top! Like seriously? I have never encountered problems like that with Cervin before, so this was a massive surprise! It’s only small but I know it’s there and there was nothing I could do (apart from apply hairspray) about it!
The Band: I am loving the band. Very simple, but stunning! It’s smooth, soft and sits so flush against the skin. The silicone bands are a double sitting right at the top where the lace is and holds ups so well during the day. I tested and took them on and off multiple times during the day, but the hold is still the same as when you first get them on.



My Thoughts?

Sadly I am not impressed with these; not only did it look really rough textured on the legs but I can’t believe how many rips and snags I ended up with at the end of the day. I can’t even say that I was mega busy running around like I normally do which makes it even more odd.

Even though they are some stunning silk, which is impressive, but the quality is not all that great if I ended up with the holdups half destroyed!

Sorry Cervin but I can’t say I would recommend these to my followers – especially if you’re after something that will last you long term!

5 thoughts on “Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings

  1. ‘share your legs around’ says Mr de Voltaire 😋 What a brilliant thought.
    He’s got my vote straight away.

    Soooo amazed at the eventual quality issues and disappointment in your review, but, all I can do, as a spectator, is enjoy how absolutely gorgeous they look on your legs.

    Wish somebody would invent a swishometer. They’d be off the scale. Bet they make a lovely swish when you walk 😉