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Céduire Tender Wave Tights

Round 3 with Ceduire and I have a good feeling about these seeing as the last 2 were not up to scratch in my eyes.


The Spec

Price: $29

Size: One Size

Website: Ceduire Tender Wave Tights


My Outfit

I won’t be doing a complete outfit for this blog, as I mainly wanted to give focus to the tights this time around. I teamed them up with my khaki knitted jumper dress and some converses (which are not included in this review)



The Review

Let me begin with some blurb from their website:

The Céduire Difference
Dress your legs with Céduire style. Designed using top knit material and special process, Céduire tights are very stretchy and comfortable. They can go great with anything. Your shorts, skirts, and even your ripped leggings.

Tech It Out
Size Available: One-size (Heights 150-180cm Hip 80-110cm)
Pattern Type: Classic Plaid
Colour: Black
Fabric: Fabric is very stretchy
Material: 80% Polyamides, 20% Spandex
Style: Street, Party, Club and Casual occasions
Handmade Package: Comes in a premium quality gift bag, ready for gift giving to colleagues, friends and loved ones.


The Packaging: speaks for itself really. It’s exactly the same as the past two reviews.



Getting Them On: I found that these are once again inside out, so you will have to turn these the right way before you get them on.


Now I tried my hardest to get the chevrons to line up with their other but they ended up doing their own thing and I just gave up after 10 attempts! As you can see in the image above, the points don’t line up in the middle anyways so food luck trying to be line up (if you’re a perfectionist!)


The Toes: are nicely reinforced due to the extra material and these fit perfect around them too. Enough wiggle room and they stay put throughout the day too! One cute thing I did notice is that little cut out before the design begins!


The Band: is actually a really good on this time. It’s not so loose that I have to twist it to stay up on me, so I am dead impressed! It sits just above the belly button, but that’s on a shortie like me so it might be lower on a taller person!



The Design: is something that does catch my eye totally, and I do have a very similar pair that I did a review on years back! I do love this type of design because it just adds edge onto the look that you’re going with. Yep even though the points don’t line up on the leg, it’s not so bad!



The Feel: is kinda rough, but not that bad as some can be. Due to the type of material used, it should be expected if I am honest. By the way these can catch very very easily, so do e careful when you are in them! I actually managed to snag it and quickly stopped a rip from happening too!



Overall Thoughts?

I think these have done way better than the last two I had of Ceduire, and I actually do like them a lot! They fit well on the legs and don’t move around when you’re rolling all over the bed!


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