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Cecilia De Rafael Starly Sparkle Tights

So I’m taking it back a few weeks to Christmas where I rocked these out for the day. They were thick and cosy enough to lounge around the house in and worked well for the day. I was contemplating wearing them out for a night out, but then I didn’t want to wait too long to be in them, so I decided to just get them on with a plain jumper and let the legs do the talking (once again!)

The Spec

Colour: Black

Denier: 280 / 150 stated on website

Size: Small

Materials: 70% Viscose, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Price: £4.95

Website: The Tight Spot Hosiery Outlet – Cecilia De Rafael Starly Sparkle Tights


My Outfit

As I mentioned I went bare basic for the day compared to being OTT – I did my knitted jumper with these tights and was lounging in my slippers so I won’t be pairing footwear.

I would have done booties with these just to girly it up or rock out Timberlands to keep it casual.

I had my hair up messy all day (because I was just not ar**d!)

My Deets

Jumper: Matalan

Tights: CDR


The Review

From The Website: Starly Tights from Cecilia de Rafael have a stunning, twinkling night sky appearance. A beautiful style, these 150 denier black out opaque tights have a sparkling effect from toe to top. With interwoven silver glitter threads on a opaque base they are perfect for fashion wear or adding some glamour for a special occasion. 70% Viscose, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

– 150 Denier

– Silver Glitter Threads

– All Over Sparkle Pattern

– Soft Luxury Yarns


The Packaging: the front shows the hosiery on the model along with a peep window at the top. It also states the brand and the make along with the size and the denier. Now I was confused as when I got these it states 150 den on the website, but on the packaging it’s 280. Either way expect these to be thick and delicious!

The back is very basic; the sizing guide, washing guide and the following:

“Fashion tights”

“Sheer to waist (not really sheer though!)”

“Flat seams”

When you get these, you will notice that the whole package is quite thick, and when you get in, you will find them to be neatly wrapped (as best as they can) around promo card.


Getting Them On: I opened them out and the best part is that these are shaped to the legs, so you just scrunch and roll them following the crease and job done!



On The Legs: these are still pretty damn sheer I actually can’t believe it. I expected them to be pretty blocked out on the legs due to the higher denier, but I am happily surprised by that!

They hug the legs but not too tight that they stay put all day; they go jiggle around but aren’t baggy if you know what I mean?

Even though they have the silver threads going through it all, they are still really soft and quite smooth too. They don’t feel rough whatsoever inside and out, so you can easily wear these with those more expensive dresses that you need to be careful of not destroying by hosiery;

This has happened to me once before with a rough pair and it ruined the bottom hemming!

Even though these are pretty thick, you won’t find any extra material on the ankles or a lot of crinkling under the legs. Trust me when I say I am super surprised but loving it at the same time!

What I do love about it though is that you still get some sheerness to them, so if you’re looking for a block black then I don’t think these will be the one for you to be honest unless you’re legs are super slim and won’t stretch out the nylon!

With the look, I love the whole silver threads weaved into them to give it that subtle sparkle. I’m sure when the flash hits or in night lighting it would look amazeballs, but during the day it was enough with my outfit. I was never too keen on hosiery like this (I had a pair of Fiore when I first began reviewing), but now I just love them and that sparkle always goes a long way!

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The Toes: there is plenty of room in these (and I would expect there to be as well with it being a thicker denier). They fit perfectly around the toes and on the feet. Around the toes, it is pretty dark, so only light coloured nail varnish would pop through. I didn’t have any on for a change!

As you can see in the 2nd image, it fits like a dream around the foot, ankles and up the leg. If you do have a pair of killer heels with a small open toe, you could potentially rock these out. I would hesitate to wear with propr open toe shoes unless you’re uber confident!


The Waistband: super comfy like a pair of leggings! The band is a slim one which holds up the tights really well during the day. I found these don’t roll down whatsoever no matter how much you sit during the day and they are so nice to be in. They have plenty of stretch in them and they have durability to them too! You can never go wrong with a CDR waistband on hosiery!



My Thoughts?

Whilst you can, grab yourself a pair. One of the best thick tights I own to date and the fact that they’re brilliant quality should make you get them.

I didn’t get any snags in mine and even if you did catch them, you won’t be able to see the snags as easily as you think.

I love the way they look and the fact that they are still quite sheer is just amazing! Party legs + warmth from the higher denier is a winner!

So glad I got myself a pair when I did!

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  1. Another great review they do make the legs look great. Again after reading your Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights review love these also and have had my eyes on these also. I love the glitter look and high gloss tights as fashion nothing like either style. I enjoy reading reviews and blogs and spend hours doing so. I wear daily for that fashion look even though I can’t wear openly due to public ridicule but thank you for another great review.