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Cecilia De Rafael Samburu Corina Love Heart Tights

Ooooooo these babies are adorable! I got these recently as I had to review them instead of leaving them for a later date.

You can find these beauties in The Tight Spot Hosiery Outlet section – loads of fabulous discounted hosiery there (where I always grab a bargain from!)

The Spec

Colour: Negro / Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 91% polyamide, 7% elastane, 2% polypropylene

Price: £16.95 / Sale £8.95

Website: The Tight Spot Hosiery Outlet – Cecilia de Rafael Corina Love Heart Tights


My Outfit

To create a whole statement outfit, I paired my crushed velvet skirt with my red oversized cape shirt along with these tights and I added some chunky block platform heels.

I kept a bit of my shirt tucked in rather than left out and flowing to show off the skirt a little more against the pattern.

I kept my fringe back for a change and then added a statement necklace with small studs to finish off the look.

My Deets

Shirt: Miso @ Republic

Skirt: LOTD

Tights: CDR

Choker: off eBay

Shoes: New Look


The Review

From The Website: Adorable heart patterned pantyhose from Cecilia de Rafael. These Corina tights feature dozens of different sized hearts that float up the leg to create a unique design. These cute love heart tights look fantastic when worn with a metallic party dress or shorts. Featuring a sheer 20 denier base and opaque heart print that has a lovely feminine touch. Finished with a boxer brief and cotton gusset. 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex

– 20 Denier
– Love Heart Pattern
– Boxer Brief
– Cotton Gusset


The Packaging: so Samburu packaging is slightly different from the CDR; it has the model at the front wearing the hosiery but I noticed every time I look at the pic below, my eyes go straight to the SAMBURU logo first.

The back of the packaging is very basic; states that they have reinforced boxer briefs along with the sizing guide and materials.

When you first get into it, you find them neatly folded flat against cardboard, rather than shaped to your legs like CDR normally do.

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Getting Them On: when I was getting these scrunched up and ready to go on the legs, I noticed that these felt quite rough. I know they are a matte finish, (and not to sound bad) but these felt like cheap matte hosiery that you can get from China or something.

I went with it, and guess what I found (I had hosiery gloves on by the way!) – A SNAG ALREADY! I only had rolled them up the legs to find these. I forgot to hold them up against the light to check beforehand, but I can’t say it was caused by my nails or anything!



On The Legs: oh these look stunning regardless of the blah material! The hearts are dotted all over the tights however there is some gapping in areas. But this is a pair you can play with and where whichever way you like to be honest.

They fit so well and hug the legs, so you won’t see these budging anytime soon. The one tip I will mention is not to wear something that will rub against these (so a smooth underlining) as I was going to wear a skirt that was suede on top and then quite grainy underneath and they would have pulled my tights during the day.

I would trial a few dresses and skirts with these if you aren’t sure – just get the tights on your hands and slowly run it inside of garments to test it.


The Design: how flipping adorable are these?! Like seriously! I love the way they look and a right head turner too! Perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up too!

So as you know my thighs are a little chunky, so the design does stretch more on this part compared to the rest of my legs, but even then they still look decent.

One thing I did notice is that the hearts aren’t perfect shaped; they have a small finer denier patch in the gap at the top on all of them. From far you can’t really spot this, but as you go closer, you can see it, so it stops it being the perfect bump shape at the top.

Otherwise I love how cute these are!

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The Toes & Ankles: what more can I say apart from cuteness overload?! The toe has a block denier strip going across them both back and front (not reinforced as far as I am aware) and then the pattern begins. It’s slightly different on each foot, which what I love about them; it’s not symmetrical so it has more to it than you think.

Around the ankles there is no crinkling to be honest; these sit flush against the skin and don’t fall down whatsoever to cause crinkles.

These would look uber cute paired with peep toes or open toe sandals with a vintage dress you know!


The Waistband: pretty comfortable I gotta say! I say pretty comfortable due to the fact it does slip down a little during the day if you’re on your feet. The gusset doesn’t sit flush against you and the band does feel like it’s being tugged down. I don’t know whether I would recommend going a size up if this would be a problem for you.

The perk of these are that they sit flush on the tummy and don’t start rolling down on themselves – I hate it when it does that!

Otherwise these sit on the hips real nice and have plenty of stretch in them too (not a lot so they start to fall down) but they hug well basically 🙂



My Thoughts?

So apart from the crappy snags and the falling waistband, I really am digging these. I can’t much about the quality as I think it could be better, but in terms of the look, fit and feel – OH YES YES YES!

I love how the matte finish does slim the legs down slightly (that’s why I love them so much) and the hearts are just too cute which can either make the outfit cute, playful, girly etc.

Either way I love them!