Cecilia De Rafael · Hosiery

Cecilia De Rafael Pretty Net Tights

I finally have my hands on a pair after seeing them being posted everywhere on Instagram! I got these about a month ago but only managed to schedule them into the blog now!

Now this is a slightly different take on fishnets in my eyes; you have the thick micro-netting on the legs but they have a pinched dot design scattered all over which I think looks so cool and a nice little twist on fishnets in general.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small / Medium

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Price: £10.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael Pretty Net Fashion Tights


My Outfit

I decided to go quite smart-looking to work today and let the nets be my statement piece. I would normally do nets with a funky outfit, but I wanted to show that you can do office attire and still rock fishnets (or micronets in this case) and still look smart with a bit of edge!

I left my hair down, added small studs and paired with killer heels!


My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Shoes: Dune

Tights: CDR


The Review

From The Website: Cecilia de Rafael’s range isn’t all sheers and essentials. They also do some classics of the fashion world, like this net with a polka dot overlay. The two aforementioned patterns are classics and timeless in the legwear world, making this a great pair of fashion tights are likely to never actually go out of fashion.

* Large net base
* Polka dot design
* Reinforced brief
* Cotton gusset
* 95% Nylon
* 5% Elastane


The Packaging: so I noticed that their packaging for these were pretty simple looking at the front and back; the model wearing them at the front along with the brand and make of the tights, and the back goes into very little detail about the hosiery along with a sizing guide, hosiery care etc.

“Fashion tights. With reinforced brief.”

When you get inside, you will find the hosiery neatly wrapped around promotional card and ready to wear!

What I did love about these were that they came flat folded (no subtle leg shaping to them) and that they had a normal boxer brief at the top. I expected nets from the toe right to the waistband, but I love the idea of having a reinforced brief (and commando-ers cam still do their thing!)


Getting Them On: so as these are quite thick and can probably catch, I would recommend hosiery gloves in getting them on. If you have any anklets, do take care when going over them as sharp ones can catch and pull! They were find going over mine as they normally sit flat on my ankles.

You don’t need to pull these up too much as they start sitting on your legs from the moment you go past the ankle.

Make sure that you pinch the toe seams away from the feet to relieve any pressure put on when getting them on.


On The Legs: these fit so nice!!! They hug so well and they don’t budge a single inch once they’re on and set.

The feel of them can be quite rough, but not too rough where it can irritate the skin. If you find that it is too rough, just add a pair of sheers underneath to form a barrier.

The denier of these are great; even though they are micronets, they cover much of your skin as possible whereas fishnets expose a lot of skin when they’re on.

The quality is just fantastic; these haven’t caught on anything during the day, they haven’t snagged or pulled or made any ghastly holes unexpectedly.

The design is just great too; a great combo of nets and polka dots for those who like both! I would normally think of layering sheers under polka dots tights to create a similar look, but with these, there are so many ways you can dress them to suit your style. I did mine for work, but I would pair with shorts and a t-shirt, or with a formal dress to add class and edge.


The Toes & Ankle: now the great thing about these is that they have some kind of reinforced toe to them. You can get some nets that don’t have this and your toes go right through them (which can be a right pain in the tushy!)

Don’t let this stop you from wearing peep toes and open toe sandals though; it creates such a quirky look (that’s if it’s yours style).

Around the toes and feet, these sit so well and don’t move. One thing I did like is that walking on these for a whole day are comfortable; I thought the net would start digging into my soles, but they actually don’t. They are comfortable to be in all day!

Around the ankles, you won’t find any signs of crinkles or the hosiery starting to fall down. You get a straight smooth finish from the toe seams to the waistband with these!


The Waistband: so the reinforced brief and band is so cosy! They stay put all day, they are soft around the stomach and waist and they don’t roll down!

The brief starts from the high thigh (just under the bum) and works to the belly button area (on me anyways). I did a little test with the during the day; pulling up and down, stretching the sides to check the elasticity in them… They were brilliant!

These do have a cotton gusset in them which I forgot to take a picture of, so it’s fine to wear them without underwear too!


My Thoughts?

I love them! I love how edgy they look, I love the way they fit, I love the way they are thick and dark and make your legs stand out.

The quality is amazing; these are so hard to catch and snag, which is always a bonus if you’re constantly on the move (and bashing into things like I am!)