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Cecilia De Rafael Malaga Ultra Sheer Tights

Now I know what you must be thinking here … Why on earth am I wearing ultra sheer tights when we’re stepping into winter? Well … I gotta say it has been a nice day and it was probably going to be the only day I could get away with it before dark and wet days are due.

Now these were bought some time ago, so as I couldn’t find the original stockist I opted to go with Elegant Up as they always have key pieces like these in stock.

The Spec

Colour: Te

Size: Small

Denier: 5

Materials: 92% Polyamide 8% Elastane

Price: $12.50

Website: Elegant Up – Cecilia De Rafael Malaga 5 Den ultra Sheer Resistant Pantyhose

10% Off Discount Code: SONIPANDA


My Outfit

Dressing all work mode (and without a denim shirt like I normally do with this skirt) I went for my cream bodysuit paired with a formal black shirt (which I cropped) and added my tan suede skirt to give it some texture and then the peep toe suede heels to finish off the look.

I kept my hair down and half waved out to make it look a tad casual rather than straight 🙂

My Deets

Bodysuit: Pull & Bear

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Tights: CdR

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: Ultra sheer 5 DEN tights which is among the world´s finest tights, which is nearly a touch of nothingness for a perfect naked leg result.This Malaga tights covers your legs like a veil, so little skin imperfection will be hidden.This tights is finished with flat seam, cotton gusset for an excellent and pleasant wearing comfort, further this tights is sheer to waist, ultra transparent with a matte appearance, formed heel and invisible reinforced toes.

Cecilia de Rafael


Col.No: Black, Moreno, Dore, Te and Natural

Size: 1-X Small, 2-Small, 3- Medium, 4- Large, 5- X Large

Composition: 92% Polyamide  8% Elastane


The Packaging: so CdR tends to have the model wearing the hosiery at the front so you can see what it looks like. As these are ultra sheer and practically not there, it’s hard to tell!

The back goes into a little more detail:

“Ultra sheer tights. Shadow toe. Perfect to wear with open-toe shoes.”

When you get in, you will see these are folded horizontally so you get the foot and leg shaping to it. Trust me when I say this will help to get them on easily and without causing too much damage to them.

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Getting Them On: so first thing first; get those gloves out as the last thing you want is for these to get damaged, and that can very easily be done with how thin these are. I kid you not when it actually is so thin you can hardly feel them!

I took my time getting these on making sure I took extra care getting them over anklets. They glided straight up the legs with ease once I got past that part!


On The Legs: oh my God you cannot see a thing. They are practically invisible on the legs. It’s only when you go up close that you can see I am wearing some, and that subtle shine when the flash works its magic to give that lovely glisten on the legs. Even though these are supposed to be a matte finish (which they are), you still get a small hint of shine which I find makes it look quite natural.

I have to say it does help in hiding any skin flaws; I have a few and I found these acted like make-up in covering them.

So as these are 5 denier, you will find these don’t really keep your legs warm. If anything, they allow them to keep cool, so perfect for summer but obvs not great for winter.

One thing I gotta show you is I managed to rip these slightly, but the best part is that not once did these actually cause a ladder. They stayed put and as soon as I got home and realised, I quickly hairsprayed it. But throughout the day I did not even know!

Now I normally get the colour TE – this helps to create a subtle tan on the legs for those who find their legs too white looking or just want to add a bit of colour. I love this shade on my skin as it loos so natural and you actually can’t tell I’m wearing any!

I am super impressed with how thin these are and still can create such a gorgeous look on the legs.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are reinforced (my life would be made if these were!) so you really do need to make sure your nails aren’t gonna be an issue here. Luckily mine are short and I made sure that they were smooth before I got my tights on, just in case it fancied making a hole later during the day!

There is plenty of room for the toes to wiggle and breathe (maybe not so much in these  heels lol) but otherwise they are great!

Around the ankles they are a gorgeous smooth finish, and once again you can’t even tell I am wearing any. The only way you could is by looking at my anklets!


The Waistband: so the band itself is great. It holds up the hosiery so well throughout the day and has plenty of elasticity to it. These aren’t too tight or too loose when they are on, which is great for a comfortable all-day fit.




My Thoughts?

One of the best I have bought for the world’s thinnest tights. These are superb for that make-up finish on the legs! I love the way they looked on the legs (minus those little holes)!

4 thoughts on “Cecilia De Rafael Malaga Ultra Sheer Tights

  1. Thank you Soni for reviewing these stunning sheer nudes,you’re looking awesome in them and those beautiful open toe slingbacks👌🏻


  2. These tights sound great love the way you said about the fit to. Would be great for summer the way you described and yes would get them in the Te shade myself to wear and as I noticed they made your legs look great.

  3. Absolutely love the ‘is she or isn’t she’ concept 😜
    Sometimes it’s not about what you can see, it’s about what you think you can see……

    Delicately gorgeous 👍😍