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Cecilia De Rafael Lumine Tights

Ahhhh yes back in CDR; I missed it too much I had to say after spending some time in them! I got these not that long ago, so they should still be available to purchase from The Tight Spot if you fancy!

Now I know a lot of you might be thinking that’s something to wear more for an occasion or a party or Christmas… But I didn’t wanna and I felt like dressing up a tad for work in these! I could have gone a lot more OTT with it with bold skirts and fancy tops… And then got the weirdest looks!

These pair are currently in sale in the Hosiery Outlet section of The Tight Spot, so get a pair whilst you can for 60% off!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: Unknown

Price: £14.95 / Sale £5.95

Website: The Tight Spot Hosiery Outlet – Cecilia De Rafael Lumine Tights


My Outfit

I decided to go with a simple black dress and black heels to dim it down and let the legs make the noise.

I added small drop earrings and then kept my hair up in a pony to give it more of an office-look than a night out one!

My Deets

Dress: LOTD

Tights: CDR

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: These pretty Lumine tights from Cecilia De Rafael have a leaf inspired design. The lace pattern has been fashioned to look like the branches of a vine tree wrapping around the leg from the toe to top. This stunning design would be great with a dress for a special occasion. Featuring a subtle sparkle around the edge of the refined leafs. This lavish glimmer provides a high quality finish.

– 20 Denier

– Leaf Print

– Glitter Threads

– Fashion Tights


The Packaging: now I gotta say this packaging I have never come across before. Not too sure if it’s the old CDR packaging but it is plain Jane! The front of the packaging is very basic; only states the name and has a small window so you can see the hosiery through it.

The back hardly states anything about the hosiery.

I’m just amazed; when they came in the post, I actually had to go back onto the website to see the model wearing them to refresh my mind!


Getting inside, these are horizontally folded, so they have the subtle leg shaper line to them and folded neatly around cardboard



Getting Them On: please make sure that you don’t have sharp nails when getting these on. They are super delicate and would be VERY easy to snag! They are a fine net, which you can’t tell until you look up close on the legs.

I used hosiery gloves as my nails are quite long at the moment. Oh and anklets – try and take your sharp ones off before wearing these!



On The Legs: wow oh wow! I love this pattern; it’s subtly glamorous! As I was rolling them on, I saw the design start from the toe seam and work its way up right to the waistband which is fab!

The denier is great too; still enough skin to be shown with the design on top just taking the limelight!

To touch, these aren’t as rough as they look. I thought they would be a right pain in the tush, but in actual fact, these are fab! The netting is so soft and smooth and the glitter yarns don’t scratch and itch like you would expect them to. These are a pair of amazing tights I gotta say.

Now let me mention about snagging; like an idiot, I manage to scuff them. I was against my desk and forgot I left the key in the draw, and that’s where it rubbed against. It’s nothing too major, but you can certainly tell and it did create a few small holes that I had to hairspray to make sure they stayed as holes!

Okay so back to the good stuff; the design! It is just so great; and perfect to dress up or down! I did it for work, and you can also do it with a pair of shorts and t-shirt if you wanted! I wouldn’t limit these to wear with just fancy dresses.



The Toes & Ankles: around the toes they’re great. The design starts right from the seam and works all the way up. There is plenty of wiggle room in them so you can wear them the whole day with ease.

Around the ankles, there aren’t any issues to raise. They are a smooth finish and no crinkles in this area, so any type of footwear can be worn!



The Waistband & Gusset: so the waistband is comfortable with the design working right to the top of the band. It’s comfortable, it has a lot of elasticity in there and they are great. They hold up the hosiery really well!



My Thoughts?

Whilst you can, grab a pair! I love how cute and statement-y they are and they are perfect to wear in any weather and any type of occasion too. I wouldn’t limit yourself with these; I sure didn’t and everyone loved them!

I really like the look of them and the quality is decent if you can look after them and not bang yourself into desk draws!

2 thoughts on “Cecilia De Rafael Lumine Tights

  1. Today, the wind can blow all it wants, but those tights, and you, look absolutely fabulous.
    Superb outfit Mrs 😘 👌

  2. I have to say you have most perfect feet, toes and soles. Every legwear fits you as we say in our country “K ata na mamo”, translated “Like father on mother”. Jk
    You’re awesome, miss Soni, XOXO