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Cecilia De Rafael Irina Tights

Cecilia De Rafael (CDR) is back on my radar after landing a black Friday deal with The Tight Spot! I managed to get a lot of CDR hosiery for £3.00 each (only on selected lines) and I had to make the most of it! So I got myself a few pairs which I am desperate to try out for you all!

I did a fair few reviews on CDR with Lingerie Lowdown a while back when I used to be part of the team, but as these are no longer accessible, I may have to recreate some of the reviews for you so you aren’t missing out!

I have also done a good few reviews for Shapings.com which you can catch here > Shapings Blog

Now most of the CDR I have done in the past has been sheer hosiery or backseamed, so it’s nice to try some fashion styles out for a change!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 40 Net Denier

Price: Black Friday £3.00 / Retail £6.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Cecilia De Rafael Irina Tights – Hosiery Outlet


My Outfit

I went with my red bodycon dress (that I forgot I even had) along with my court lace up shoes. I left it simple with silver studs. I wanted to opt for a grey dress with these, but thought I should add some colour for a change than keeping it all dark and grim like I normally do!

My Deets

Dress: BooHoo

Tights: CDR

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon



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The Review

From The Website: An electrifying design from Cecilia de Rafael, Irina tights are simply stunning. These tights have a gorgeous lace effect across the entire leg and a beautiful array of large flowers that have been shaped to elegantly float over the mesh display. This ornate design provides a sophisticated look that would look fabulous with a white skirt or black party dress

– Net Denier

– Floral pattern

– Lace Effect

– Fashion Tights


The Packaging: The packaging is quite bulky when you first get hold of them. The front has the model wearing them along with a zoomed in close up of the tights at the side (which always helps!) along with the model and size of the tights. The back is really simplistic; sizing guide along with the following:

Fashion Tights. Sheer To Waist.”


Inside the packaging, it is wrapped around a promotional card. When you unravel them, you will find that it’s a tulle net type, which means that these will have seams at the back/side and the toes are gonna be slightly weird too. So not like normal tights basically.



Getting Them On: so I did the scrunch and roll, keeping the seam at the back of the leg, which resulted in the seam being right at the tip of the toes. now the toes aren’t flat; it has a point. Normally I would lay these flat so the big toe sits into the point, but this time I decided to just pull them down the feet so the point is in the middle of the foot, which means I get straight backseams rather than it going from the side of the foot twisting!


It sounds really confusing and complicated, but if you own a pair already or are considering, you will know what I mean when it comes to it.


The Toes: now let me go into slightly more detail here. The toes are all sheer with no toe seam like normal hosiery; these are that backseam that ends as a point at the toes. I gotta say that these are pretty comfortable.


At first they do feel weird so you have to get used to it a little and then they settle and it’s fine throughout the day. They haven’t moved at all or twisted out of place, so I’m pretty impressed here. there is wiggle room, although with longer toenails you may struggle a little. Luckily I cut mine short (a bit too short) so it’s alright with me (for now!)



Up The Leg: these don’t exactly hug the legs like nylons do as they are net, but they still do hold up well. With these being net, expect crinkles around bends like under the knee and around ankles; I saw it throughout the day when I was sitting down and then whilst I was walking. It’s one of those that you gotta deal with if you’re rocking them all day to be honest. I suppose you forget about it in the end.



The Waistband: now the band is more of a leggings band; elasticated but you can see it rather than a hosiery band. These make sure that they stay up well, and especially that these don’t have a cotton gusset to them.


Throughout the day, I gotta say these did well; I was wearing a bodycon dress which means it was proper sticking to my tights, so they did move them up and down a lot, but the band kept them up the whole time.


With the elasticity, these are great and aren’t too tight on your tummy either; they have plenty of stretch in them too!



One detail I will mention is near the crotch area, you will find the material gathers a fair bit when you sit down. It’s not too bad when you’re stranding but as soon as I got them on, it does gather a tad. It’s not something that would (or should) be noticeable under clothing, but a little observation!



The Design: what I love about these is the netting. At first you think it looks a little on the edgy side, but when they’re on your legs they just look gorgeous. I won’t say it’s totally feminine, but near enough giving that statement look with a slight touch to it. What helps is the light net base rather than darker deniers which can make it look more grunge.


What I really like is that these don’t snag easy either; I have been on the move all day with them and managed to scrape my legs a few times, but nothing appeared. And the best part is that even if you did, it would just look a part of the design (unless you manage to rip them!)



My Thoughts?

I think these are gorgeous, and the fact that you can get them in the Tight Spot outlet for more than half the price is just great news.

They’re statement-y and if you’re into that, then I would highly recommend these. The quality is fab and on the legs, they just look great and super eye-catching!

I would certainly recommend!


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