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Cecilia de Rafael Feeling Tights

MY FIRST PAIR OF CDR EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! And I am so psyched to do this review after managing to get my hands on a pair!

I have seen this brand flashed all over Instagram and it was so hard trying to find a pair that stood out of the crowd. And these were the ones.

I know I have mentioned it a few times, but I have done so much sheer over the months, I want to get back into patterned where it all started with me and these were cute a cute and sexy design!


My Outfit

Even though it wasn’t shown in any of the images below, I went with a blue bodycon dress and black court shows to show off the design. You can always pair these with a nice flowy mini dress or a dip hem (where it’s short at the front and longer at the back but then you lose the back design).

The same again with footwear – heels finish it off nicely, however converses or timberland boots will also work a treat as well. these are really versatile so you can work it with a lot to create different looks but still make the legs a statement piece in it all.


The Review

Seeing as this is the first time I have a pair of CDR, I was so intrigued to see their packaging. They show off the design at the front – purely just he tights and not paired with an outfit. They describe briefly what it is at the front and then the same again at the back.

They looked so pristine in their packaging when I got them out; folded perfectly and also vertically so you get the subtle shaping to the legs (and it’s easier to get them on).

I wasn’t too happy that they didn’t have reinforced toes but never mind. I was hoping that they would because that would have been the icing on the cake for me!

I didn’t realise that the design was a simple pattern at the front so I was impressed with that. it did look really nice on I have to say. They actually made my legs look pretty slim so I’m happy!

I love the way they fit as well – they are proper leg huggers which are something that makes me smile. There is nothing more perfect than leg hugging tights because you know they aren’t going to be moving an inch out of place the whole day.

The design at the back was so easy to line up as well – I just followed the crease that was made and boom! Job done! The nicest thing was that they carried the design through right to the top (with a little stop gap around the bum part) but it looked sensational!

I have to admit I managed to get a massive snag (which ended up being a hole in the end) right at the back under the bum but seeing it was high up, it’s easily covered right? I was beating myself up about that so bad seeing as I cut my nails the night before and thought I had smoothed them all done ready for my tights the next morning!

How do they feel on? Like a dream. You can feel the texture of the pattern on these but they aren’t as rough as you would think they would be. I suppose that’s how I managed to snag them easier than a normal smoother finished one.


Overall thoughts? I am so glad I have bought these! Probably one of the best that I have reviewed so far I must admit. I think they would be in the Wolford league if I say so myself!



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