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Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Bas Nylon Stockings

Ooooo weeeeeee … Back in stockings for the New Year here! Now I got a few pairs from UKTights and I cannot wait to try them out. I haven’t done stockings in a while and I am on a mission to get my hands on as many pairs as I can and trial them out for a change.

I know people must think I am mad doing it in super cold weather, but I always find a way of wearing them without the weather affecting me (unless it’s Summer then I am screwed with most of them!)

The Spec

Colour: Negro / Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Nylon Stockings


My Outfit

Dressing snug to work and then bust out in stockings? Yep that is what I do. I like to keep most of me warm (especially around the top half of me) so my legs can take the cold and it’s all good!

I wore my fluffy white jumper tucked into my stretchy pencil skirt. I added some killer platform heels to give it that casual yet sophisticated office look!

I swooped my fringe back, left my hair down and added medium-drop earrings to finish the look.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Dune

Stockings: CDR

Earrings: Accessorize


The Review

From The Website: The lovely thing about stockings is that a woman feels like a woman when she’s wearing them. They are the ultimate in femininity and when worn with a beautiful suspender belt it’s hard not think of a woman as being sensual and erotic. These particular stockings are not only feminine but they have a superb vintage feel about them. Made from 100% Nylon they remind one of a bygone day. If you love stockings then you’ll love these Barbara Nylon Stockings by the Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael.

* 20 denier
* Vintage look
* Flat top
* Matt finish
* Extreme trasparency
* 100% Nylon


The Packaging: the front shows the model wearing them along with the brand and the make of them. Like an idiot, I wanted to get all fancy and take a pic with the belt, not realising that I am hiding most of the packaging LOL! … Anyways… the back is really basic but it’s enough for newbies to be honest:

“100% nylon stockings

Extreme transparency

For use with garter belt”

It doesn’t really mention that these have reinforced toes (which they actually do)!

These are flat packed and wrapped around promotional cardboard, ready to get straight on.


Before They Go On: I measured these against me in the morning (Yes I live out of that Mickey Mouse jumper thing) and they are literally my leg length so it will be interesting to see what these are like on.


Let me mention here that I noticed these already have little snags on the band, which I am annoyed about, but we won’t worry about them just yet. Let’s just ignore them for  now!


These are subtly shaped to the legs so you know exactly how to get them on. I will advise here that you need hosiery gloves or some form of gloves to get these on so you don’t snag them anywhere. These are EXTREMELY delicate!


On The Legs: right after the initial roll on and up (you will find them really loose at the top and they do get slightly tighter like you’re about to rip them when you try and get your foot through. It won’t happen but just slowly wiggle both the nylons and your feet. I would advise any sharp anklets are taken off with these as they will snag them!

So, on the legs these are gorgeous. You will find that these will wrinkle a lot, but in a sense, that’s the beauty of them. When I first got them on in the morning, they sat great on the legs with little wrinkles, but during the day (and due to my stupid suspender belt) they started to drop slightly which meant they gathered more around the ankles than I wanted and they became baggy on the knees.


Invest in a decent suspender belt; not those cheap ones that you think they will ‘just do’ – it doesn’t work with proper nylon stockings!

Anyways so I had to readjust a few times, and got there in the end (until it decided to play havoc with me when I was about to take my images for the blog!)

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The Nylon: the nylon itself is so gorgeous; silky smooth that you can run your hands over it and be in heaven. Just remember these are delicate and will be prone to snags, so do be careful if you are rocking these out in places where you’re legs aren’t gonna be safe!

I love the denier; perfect for that ‘barely there’ coverage yet it looks elegant enough. You can wear these with almost anything classy; I wouldn’t advise with short skirts or shorts as it would just look wrong in my eyes. Other stocking you probably could, but these lose their classiness if you go down that route.

Now these state that they are a matte finish, but actually these are quite shiny, with or without the flash hitting it. On dull days (like today) it does look quite plain (not in a bad way) and then it changes depending on the lighting you’re in!

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The Band: the band the band the band! These are super silky so I do recommend rubber if you have them, just so they grip really well. I haven’t tried these with metal but I will be with my next pair of silky stockings.

I haven’t got much to say about it really; it fits on the thighs great to be honest it doesn’t squeeze, it just grazes against on mine (it might be different for bigger thighs). these did start falling down slightly on me (due to the suspender at the top being a right annoying bugger).

A thing to mention is those snags that occurred God knows when! I was so surprised when I saw these as I thought I caused them until I saw that they were on both bands, then I realised they came like that. You do get little imperfections in them, but nothing to scream about really. I was annoyed but then I suppose you look past that at those legs of yours when you’re covered in sheer bliss!

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The Toes & Ankles: right the toesies! So they are reinforced which is great (and so needed when it comes to pure nylon stockings) – the only downside is that these aren’t really spacious that you can easily wiggle your toes in them. They do feel a little tight, so a little something to remember.


Around the ankles, I didn’t have this many crinkles until the end of the day; which I suppose adds to it but can also be a pain in the tushy as well as it gets tights around the ankles and you can feel it slightly when you circle or wiggle your foot.


I managed to keep this area snag free which I am super pleased around because it just ruins the whole look when it comes to the feet (especially when you wear footwear that exposes most of the feet).


Just so you know when you get these on and off, they will feel super tight but just be gentle and wiggle them off or maybe after rolling them all down, just gently pull from the toes so it gets past the ankles and feet and you’re good to go.


My Thoughts?

Despite the snags to begin with on the band, these are gorgeous and a really good alternative to proper vintage stockings. I know some can be super pricey as you’re paying for the name as well as the quality, but these are just as brill and affordable for those who don’t really want to fork out on higher brands.

The quality is great; stayed snag free all day and they do keep up well on the legs. Just get yourself a decent belt that doesn’t want to mess around on your waist and tugs them up good and proper.

4 thoughts on “Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Bas Nylon Stockings

  1. Gosh! Love these so so much 👍

    The photos do them total justice. Brilliant camera work Mrs, I must say.
    Just look how fine and soft and delicate they are. Like a morning mist.
    Wonderful. ☺

  2. Thanks for purchasing the items and for your great review. We have now added to the description that these stockings are reinforced in the toes. It’s a shame they had snags right from the beginning. That’s really annoying also for us. Should we send an extra (snag-free) pair your way?
    UK Tights team