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Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Bas Nylon Stockings with TVRtyle Vintage High Waist Suspender Belt

Back into 100% nylon stockings we go! I have done this exact same pair before in black (Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Bas Nylon Stockings – if you haven’t read the previous review) so it will be pretty much identical but a little more tailored to the colour in this review. I will also be reviewing the suspender belt that I wore with it as well 🙂

I bought these the same time as the black but kept putting them off until summer, so I can get that gorgeous glossy look on the legs!

My Outfit

Keeping it all formal for work, we shall roll with a shirt dress I have had for a long time and still don’t wanna get rid off paired with suede court shoes!

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Stockings: CdR

Shoes: Dune


The Spec For Stockings

Colour: Te

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Nylon Stockings

The Review of CdR Barbara Bas

From The Website: The lovely thing about stockings is that a woman feels like a woman when she’s wearing them. They are the ultimate in femininity and when worn with a beautiful suspender belt it’s hard not think of a woman as being sensual and erotic. These particular stockings are not only feminine but they have a superb vintage feel about them. Made from 100% Nylon they remind one of a bygone day. If you love stockings then you’ll love these Barbara Nylon Stockings by the Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael.

* 20 denier
* Vintage look
* Flat top
* Matt finish
* Extreme trasparency
* 100% Nylon


The Packaging: the front shows the model wearing them along with the brand and the make of them. The back is really basic but it’s enough for newbies to be honest:

“100% nylon stockings

Extreme transparency

For use with garter belt”

It doesn’t really mention that these have reinforced toes (which they actually do)!

These are packed shaped to the legs and feet and wrapped around promo card, ready to get straight on.


Getting Them On: these are subtly shaped to the legs so you know exactly how to get them on. I will advise here that you need hosiery gloves or some form of gloves to get these on so you don’t snag them anywhere. These are EXTREMELY delicate and with the black pair, the last thing I want to do cause any snags!

These are ok going over anklets as long as you take care!


On The Legs: these are gorgeous. You will find that these will wrinkle a lot, but in a sense, that’s the beauty of them. When I first got them on in the morning, they sat great on the legs with little wrinkles which just added to the look. With the black pair, I had a suspender belt that kept on falling down which was a right pain in the tushy! However, with this belt they kept them up all day and just exposed enough of the band to show that stockings were on underneath!

The Nylon: the nylon itself is so gorgeous; silky smooth that you can run your hands over it and be in heaven. Just remember these are delicate and will be prone to snags, so do be careful if you are rocking these out in places where you’re legs aren’t gonna be safe!

I love the denier; perfect for that ‘barely there’ coverage yet it looks elegant enough. You can wear these with almost anything classy; I wouldn’t advise with short skirts or shorts as it would just look wrong in my eyes. Other stocking you probably could, but these lose their classiness if you go down that route. One thing I do love is that these gives you a lovely tanned leg; perfect for summer and you haven’t got the annual leave to go on holiday!

Now these state that they are a matte finish, but actually these are quite shiny, with or without the flash hitting it. On dull days it does look quite plain (not in a bad way) and then it changes depending on the lighting you’re in!

Another awesome thing about these is that they were kept snag-free all day! I didn’t end up with a single one compared to the black pair!


The Toes & Ankle: right the toesies! So they are reinforced which is great (and so needed when it comes to pure nylon stockings) – the only downside is that these aren’t really spacious that you can easily wiggle your toes in them. They do feel a little tight, so a little something to remember.

Around the ankles, I did have a few crinkles but only a few mind; which I suppose adds to it but can also be a pain in the tushy as well as it gets tights around the ankles and you can feel it slightly when you circle or wiggle your foot.

Like the black pair I did, know that when you get these on and off, they will feel super tight but just be gentle and wiggle them off or maybe after rolling them all down, just gently pull from the toes so it gets past the ankles and feet and you’re good to go.


The Band: these are super silky so I do recommend rubber if you have them, just so they grip really well.

I haven’t got much to say about it really; it fits on the thighs great to be honest it doesn’t squeeze, it just grazes against on mine (it might be different for bigger thighs). They have been on show most of today (not a bad thing) and they have stayed put!


The Spec For Suspender Belt

Colour: White 

Size: Small

Materials: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane

Price: £12.99

Website: Amazon – TVRtyle Women Vintage High Waist 4 Straps Metal Buckles Sexy Garter Belts For Stockings S503

The Review of TVRtyle Suspender Belt

From The Website: Women’s Plus Size Sexy White/Black Vintage Metal Clips Garter Belts for Stockings .

  • TVRtyle has its special Meaning, ‘T’means Timeless, ‘V’ is an abbreviation of Vintage, ‘R’ Stands for Retro. That is wonderful long-lasting Looking
  • Material: The garter belt use is made of premium materials & Vintage Metal clips.
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
  • AMBS503B
  • Style: this vintage & timeless style has retro metal clips and wide straps to make you feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable.
  • Functions: This suspender belt with straps can be worn with thigh-high stockings to create a sensuous look.
  • Sizing: available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large, 2X-Large Please see Sizing Chart for help finding the perfect fit.


The Packaging: It came in a frosted zip pouch with the brand at the front. As soon as you get in, they are pretty much ready to get on (minus the little tag that you need to cut off).

That’s all I gotta say really; pretty straight forward with these!


Getting It On: as these don’t have any hooks, you will need to either get them over the top of your head or if your thighs allow you to, you can pull them on from the bottom.

One thing I do like about slightly chunkier belts is that they sit well on the body and they’re easier to work with rather than the thin strappier ones. As much as I love them, they are more for show than practicality, and plus the thinner ones don’t really have metal clasps!


When It’s On: it looks so sensational! I love vintage wear; there is something so classy about it that makes me smile!

These are high waisted so it sites between chest and waist which looks fantastic on (sorry I can’t show you all!)

The front has a satin panel in the middle surrounded my a lace design which works all around the belt. I just love the feel of it, and it’s super comfortable to wear all day under clothing.


The Straps: first thing this morning I had trouble with the straps. I don’t normally wear belts that have an adjustable clip thing like this does so it was a new experience for me. I normally wear the ones with the adjustable ring that you pull up or down.

Once I got the hand of undoing it, moving the strap and then gripping it into place, I was good to go!

I have to say it’s a pretty neat idea, and I find that the spikes are sharp enough to keep the strap from moving or undoing itself during the day.

The clasps are so amazeballs on these; they grip so well! This is one thing I love about metal clasps. They hold so well throughout the day regardless of the stocking material. Against the rubber/silicone backing, it is brilliant! Not once have my stockings slipped in them or got to the point it slides right out.

They are also comfortable on the legs as well; I had to set my back ones more to the side rather than right down the tushy as I knew I would be sitting down all day.


My Thoughts?

The combo is so great together. This is the second time I am doing nudes with a white belt; clearly a thing I like!

The stockings are brilliant this time around compared to my last that I did, and the belt added to it by keeping them secure all day long.

Overall … I would recommend both to you as they’re worth it!

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