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Cecilia De Rafael Amor Fashion Tights

Now before I get into these blogs with the thicker deniers of CdR (their new collection) I just want you to know that these will be mostly in larger sizes instead of small that I would normally do.

This is due to CdR sending me a massive sample box to review, and these deniers all came in size Large, so I am hoping and praying that these will fit me.

I also had to do some research as to where to get these from, so I found the best supplier below and added their details if you do wish to get yourself a pair 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 4 – Large

Denier: 70

Materials: 78% Nylon, 15% Polypropylene, 7% Elastane

Price: £18.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael Amor Fashion Tights


My Outfit

Not gonna lie but for some reason I did find it difficult to pair these with an outfit this morning; I was like do I do prints or not? Do I keep it plain or jazz it up? What would work and would it ok for work? It was a nightmare!

So what I did go with was my black cami bodysuit with my white skater skirt, added a black cardigan on top and added popping shoes. A big part of me is like this does not go, why the hell am I posting this? But then again it’s about the tights here, so let’s just roll on.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Cardigan: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: CdR

Shoes: Essex Shoes

Lipstick: NYX



The Review

From The Website: Amor is a fascinating new design from Cecilia de Rafael. A few of their newer designs like to blend multiple schools and traditions together. Here they have the faux-crochet and quaint knitted look fused with a more abstract style of design you normally see in minimalist and futuristic numbers. The motifs here are little stars, swirls, and bursts of colour, making it look part organic and part abstract. But the way they are knitted and embedded in the design makes it one of the more gentle and delightful designs around, with a homely and cozy look to them. A wonderfully creative blend.

* 70 denier
* Floral pattern
* Opaque leg
* Cotton gusset
* 78% Nylon
* 15% Polypropylene
* 7% Elastane


The Packaging: as it’s come straight from the brand itself, there was no outer packaging to these apart from a small tag stating what pair they are and the size. I was gobsmacked when I saw size 4 (large) stated on them.

Once you get in, you will find these slightly shaped to your feet and legs, so I followed that to get my hosiery on.

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Getting Them On: okay moment of truth here … Let’s do the scrunch and roll up the legs and see how we go.

I took care going over my anklets as I don’t want them getting caught in the embroidery inside.

And you know what – the large fits me perfect. it’s so hard to say and believe this, but they actually fit!! Have I gone podgy overnight or somethimg?!


On The Legs: so surprisingly, I am still trying to believe that these fit like a size small would. They have a lovely semi-opaque base with the floral pattern taking over on top.

The quality of these are impressive; no snags or rips during the day and these are nice and stretchy too. It hugs the legs really well.

The feel of them are soft – and I mean real soft and smooth on the legs; both inside and out. They feel like microfibre in some ways, but I love it. They also do help to keep the legs warm as well! I won’t say my legs were toasty but I did find when I was out and about, they weren’t as cold!

In terms of sizing then, I gotta ask if there really is a difference between small, medium and large in that case? This has got to be the oddest thing ever!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes don’t really look reinforced, but as they’re a thicker denier, it shouldn’t be too bad as long as your nails aren’t sharp or long. I had plenty of wiggle room in these and my toes weren’t squished at all.

The ankles had a lovely smooth finish; I expected wrinkles but nope. Nothing of the sort!


The Waistband: okay so then I thought the band has got to be quite big for me as I have a slim waist. I thought it won’t be elasticated enough / it will fall down easily / they just won’t fit full stop.

And once again, nothing of the sort. A real good elastic soft band on the waist; stays put all day without budging or digging in either. I am seriously impressed with this! I really did think that there’s got to be some sort of catch as large couldn’t fit me. But was I wrong in this case! They fit like a glove!




My Thoughts?

So now that I have tried a large in CdR, I gotta say it won’t stop me from buying larger sizes in the future then if they are gonna have a snug fit like these. I still do have another 8+ pairs to review in thicker deniers, so I will see how I get on there. But if it’s anything like this, then it’s brilliant!!

7 thoughts on “Cecilia De Rafael Amor Fashion Tights

  1. They’ll probably look less opaque in your actual size, but it’s great to know that you felt comfortable in that size. Thanks for the review! We’re sure you’ll love the whole range because it’s simply amazing! Thanks

  2. Omg, so beautyful combination of red heels and theese black tights! The pattern is so playful, great job, Miss Soni 🙂