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CDR Uppsala Marron Tights

Woooooooooo I am back in another pair of Uppsala! I loved these when I last reviewed them for The Tight Spot > Soni Panda in Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala Tights

Now these were kindly gifted by a follower (many many thanks here) in a gold-ish colour.

Before I begin, just note that I did some images with flash on and off so you can see the difference as they do shade different depending on the lighting.

The Spec

Colour: Marron / Gold

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 150

Materials: 80% Nylon 20% Elastane

Price: £38.00

Website: Amazon – Cecilia de Rafael Hosiery Women’s Uppsala Tights


My Outfit

So I treated these like leggings this time and went with an oversized shirt, ties with my beaded belt and added my shoe booties with them.

I wore gold hoops with it and left my hair down and bed head for once!

My Deets

Shirt: Republic

Tights: CDR

Shoes: Steve Madden



The Review

From The Website: Amazing, super shine, wet look finish tights from Cecilia De Rafael. These gloss opaque tights are made from luxurious high shine yarns, which offer glamours 150 denier, completely opaque coverage. A versatile addition to any wardrobe they can be dressed up or down for an on trend look, available in Blue, Black and Electric Purple, Gold & Red colours. The sheer to waist finsih and cotton gusset show the great finish and high quality of Cecilia de Rafael products. Completed in the traditional cut and sew style with the stiched seams running down the back of each leg. 80% Nylon 20% Elastane

Luxury Gloss Finish Tights

150 Denier Opaque


Semi Opaque, Opaque


Cut & Seam Design

Super Shine Look


The Packaging: so if you haven’t come across the Uppsala before, it’s quite thick. The front shows the model wearing a black pair so you get the jist of what it looks like, with the back going into such little detail about the pair:

Fashion tights. With reinforced brief.

When you get in, you will find these neatly folded around promotional cardboard. As you unravel, these are shaped to the legs, so all you have to do is follow the backseam down and roll up from there.


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Getting Them On: so as you roll up, the seam will start from the big toe; it’s a triangle shape foot (which you might wonder how you will get them on) but don’t worry as from here, the seam sits in the middle and goes right to the waistband.

As you roll up, don’t worry if you go slightly bent as these will work itself back into the middle. I did that as a test this morning, and I found that it does work its way back slowly so you won’t need to pull down then up to get it right.

I can say that you don’t need hosiery gloves with these as they are as thick as leggings would be, but if you want to be cautious then go ahead 🙂



On The Legs: these are fab. I was a little worried with the colour at first, but then just rolled with it as in different lighting it shades slightly different shades. These are really thick with no sign of any sheerness peeping through.

The quality is so good; these I find hard to snag due to the denier and that fact that they are so soft and silky smooth.

The colour is one that plays with you a little, but works! I wore mine to work, but on a night out these out be great to be honest.

The only thing I found was that they don’t sit that well under the knees; they tend to come away and look quite baggy. It’s not too bad when you’re walking, but when you sit that’s when you see it the most.

The backseam is also a lovely little addition, however it does leave marks on the legs after wear, so be mindful of that.

I love that smooth gloss finish on them, and especially when the flash hits and gives that golden shimmer. I love the way these look and these can work with practically anything! Chuck on a long t-shirt, a hoodie, dress or even shorts. It doesn’t matter; be daring!


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The Toes & Ankle: so around this area I didn’t really come across any major issues. At first the toes were slightly cramped, but you will need to pinch the tights away from the toes to release some pressure. After that, you’re good to go!

It’s fine having long nails wearing these too; I did my little test run (and my nails were quite sharp after a file) and no damage to the hosiery was shown!

Around the ankles, I found there is little crinkling when you’re feet are flat on the ground. They are fine otherwise (shown in the bottom image) but if you’re wearing courts or footwear where it shows off the ankles etc, then just bear in mind that you will see some crinkles.

I also found some gapping around the ankles as well; there was a fair bit of space around this area which I did find annoying and made my feet look so chubby and weird.



The Waistband: really comfortable and doesn’t slip! Now before anyone questions, I was wearing a black bodysuit under my shirt hence why you might see a black top tucked in.

The band is really soft and hugs you well throughout the day too. The inner material isn’t slippery so it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing silky/satin underwear underneath, these tights won’t be slipping down!

As these are tights, they do have a gusset on them – all cotton!



My Thoughts?

I love these! They are a fab pair of tights that you can easily turn to look like leggings. They are so versatile and with the amount of colours you can choose from, I would get black to begin with and then experiment from there. I have done blue and purple before, and this gold pair is just to die for!

The quality is really good on these, the smoothness and silkiness that are on the legs are just amazeballs!

9 thoughts on “CDR Uppsala Marron Tights

  1. You absolutely right in all aspects about these in your review. Totally agree I myself have 7 different colors in these. They are more than magnificent The fit, feel, support warmth on cold days, shine plus they make my legs look hot. In fact the photo by my name is the Zafrio shade very nice blue can’t say enough about these are a must have.

  2. Oooooo! I checked these out on Amazon and the bright blue there look just as amazing as these you are wearing!