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CdR Loles Mock Suspender Tights

So let’s switch up the colours now as I need to get myself into the Spring/Summer mood seeing as that is round the corner now (fingers crossed!)

I thought these were so cute when I saw them online for the 1st time. I was actually going to get them in black, and that’s when I came across the white pair. I was debating at first, but then decided to get out of that comfort zone of mine and get myself into a white pair for a change!

The Spec

Colour: Off White

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 89% polyamide 8% elastane, 3% polypropylene

Price: £14.95 / Sale £4.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Cecilia de Rafael Loles Mock Suspender Tights – Hosiery Outlet

10% Off Discount: Panda10

My Outfit

Now I wanted to try something new this time, I normally go monochrome when it comes to whites. But this time I wanted to switch it up a little and make it have more of a summer feel!

I wore my tea dress, paired with my cute jelly sandals. I thought it was a simple finishing touch to the outfit.

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Tights: CdR

Shoes: Zaxy



The Review

From The Website: Dress your legs in style with Cecilia de Rafael mock spot suspender tights. The quality and elegance of these tights combine a sensual design with the popular polka dot pattern for a unique and visually stunning piece of legwear. Featuring flat seams for a smooth silhouette and a plain gusset for flexibility and extra comfort. Pair these sheer mock suspender tights with a dress and heels for a high fashion look. 89% polyamide 8% elastane 3% polypropylene

20 Denier
Polka Dot
Mock Suspender
Plain Gusset


The Packaging: so there isn’t much to say to be honest as I took enough images to make it self explanatory.

When you get in, you will find these are flat folded, horizontally folded and wrapped around card. You will find it super easy to get the design lined up with the foot and leg shaping.

I did find a hidden gem here as well … There was no mention of this lace panty part on the tights which took me by surprise. I expected it to be all sheer around the tushy to the waist, but nope. It’s this lovely intricate-looking lace panty (front and back).


On The Legs: all I can say is wow! I am so glad these aren’t plain and actually have a versatile design to them (well the bottom half of the leg I’m referring to here)

I love the whole look as you get this cute overall look, and when you lift up the dress, that’s where you have that hidden secret of yours.

I love doing that time to time, as I find on those days where you’re not feeling yourself or your look, this helps to have that little something sexy to get you through.

The quality of these are superb; no snags, no rips, no causing me any trouble! I thought they were great on the legs, and there is plenty of stretch in these as well so you get that gorgeous fit.

The feel of them on the legs are just amazeballs; they are super comfortable to be in and don’t irritate in the slightest. You will find that the polka dot part is slightly raised from the tights, so you will find it slightly bumpy here but otherwise these are great.

The design is just gorgeous; you can easily pass these as bridal attire to be honest, but I like to find playful ways to style those types of hosiery! That way you get more wear out of them 🙂

Let me just touch upon the lace welt that is sitting pretty on the thighs too – now these are so gorgeous and actually add such a classy touch to the look. It makes such a difference to add this type of design rather than a plain welt and then into a mock suspender look.


The Toes & Ankle: plenty of wiggle room here for sure and these are (I think) reinforced. They do seem it to be fair, otherwise the polka dots would have started from the toe seam. There is no pressure added to the toes or around the feet at all, which makes them super comfy to be in all day long.

Around the ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish.


The Waistband: now this is another favourite part of mine! Not only did this surprise me, but it’s such a good finish to something that’s already stunning.

The design works both back and front; with the back dropping slightly lower so it looks more like a full brief than a boxer type of finish.

The band itself is great; super soft and so comfortable to wear all day. These didn’t dig in at all, and they sit so well on the waist too.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say these are super cute. I love the way they look on the legs, and how actually I prefer to wear them with colour and cuter dresses than for work or something. I love the quality of them, the fit and the design is super cute. In black, I feel it would look a lot sexier, but in white there are so many ways you can make this look and feel more playful.

4 thoughts on “CdR Loles Mock Suspender Tights

  1. Good afternoon Soni,

    Todays review is the bomb because of your stunning hq photos,this is a perfect start of the new week!Have a nice day gorgeous ,thank you😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Great review Soni these tights on your legs look fantastic have to say. Love the dot mock suspender tights have a few pairs of the mock suspender tights myself. But have to say these are eye catching these I will have to get myself plus at a great price can’t go wrong and are stylish and fashionable I would enjoy these.