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CdR Hiena Tights

So bring on another pair of wild tights; I am just amazing myself with how many different prints you can get hold of now. A lot of these (including this pair) I didn’t think I would ever see myself in, but I am glad I am giving them a go to style!

Now I gotta say I have no idea who else stocks this model, but I managed to find a foreign site that does for the time being, so be quick if you want to get a pair!

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: Small

Denier: 60

Materials: 91% Polyamide & 9% Elastane

Price: € 16.90

Website: Corseteria Magda – CdR Hyena Pantyhose

My Outfit

I wore my off-the-shoulder t-shirt tucked into my skater skirt and added my patent heels to finish off the look. You could always go for pumps or converses to make it more casual, but seeing as it was for work, let’s stick with heels.

My Deets

T-Shirt: off eBay

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Pleaser USA Dom Heels


The Review

From The Website:Modern panty print animal print in black in combination with vertical stripe on the side.
60 denier spinning in a gray tone, it is semitransparent and very original and daring.
Very combinable with gray, black and other colors.
Quality and design Cecilia de Rafael.

Trendy panties from Rafael Cecilia’s collection.

Semi-transparent panty 60 denier thickness of spinning.
In gray with animal print shapes and vertical black stripe.
Without demarcation.
Flat seams
Cotton rhombus in intimate area.
Composition: 91% Polyamide 9% Elastane.


The Packaging: like most of the CdR packaging, it shows the model wearing the hosiery on the front, along with the brand name, model and the sizing. The back goes into little detail, the sizing guide and washing care.

When you get in, you will find these folded around card with slight foot shaping to it. One thing to keep in mind is that the vertical stripes need to sit at the side of the leg, so use this as a guide when getting them on.

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Getting Them On: as I mentioned before, I used the vertical line as my guide to make sure I get them on as straight as I can. When I did my scrunch and roll, I have to say the hosiery was slightly tough and felt tight to get them over the feet. This eases up once you get them over the feet, past the ankle and up the leg.


On The Legs: I thought these would be a little more block rather than sheer. Even so, I still do like them! I have the same pair in blue (which I am currently selling brand new) so I thought I would go for grey as the ‘easier option.

The quality of these are superb; no snags, no issues. I did feel that these didn’t have much stretch in them, but it isn’t a bad thing. I did feel comfortable in them, but it would have been nice to get that extra bit so it doesn’t feel too snug.

The fit of these are true to size; if I went one up, I feel like I would have gained that extra stretch. But these still fit amazing well. The feel of them are soft; not like cashmere but smooth enough to feel happy being in them.

I gotta say the design is super weird, but also super cool. It’s not a pair I would actually buy myself, but it’s not for those who aren’t experimental with their style. I do quite like it, and the vertical strip just adds a whole different vibe to them I find. I did question as to why it is even there… Who knows?


The Toes & Ankle: plenty of wiggle room in these and they fit so well around the toes. I didn’t feel any added pressure around the toes, and there was no extra material on the sides. As you can see, the vertical strip starts from the side of the toes, so perfect way to start lining it up.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth fitted finish 🙂


The Waistband: the band does its job! I felt comfortable in these all day, no added pressure and they were a lovely snug fit on the waist. These sat belly button level on me, which was perfect. I felt that these had enough elasticity in them without it being lost after stretching them multiple times to test it out.



My Thoughts?

Not really something I would go for, but this would easily work for festivals or some animal-like occasion. I am glad I did give them a go as I think they are super funky!

The quality is great on these; the fit and feel are fab too! I do love the whole concept of them, but the design I am still pondering over!

4 thoughts on “CdR Hiena Tights

  1. Love the look on your legs I would give these a go myself. Love reading your reviews always informative and giving me ideas on hose I would like to get. These are on the wild side but then I even have a pair of pink leopard, python, zebra plus other animal prints sometimes I like walking on the wild side lol. These I like and would get myself just for the different look.

  2. Great review soni. Im afraid these tights dont do it for me at all. Not a fan of the leopard type print style so wouldnt consider buying these for myself. And they hide your stunning legs and feet so another downside to them.