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CdR Eterno Pois Polka Dot Tights

Oh yes!!! I have seen these everywhere for the past few months and now I got my hands on them too!

I have to say these glossy pairs are just perfection from CdR! They really are showstoppers and something that can work day and night … And especially with those Christmas parties coming up!

I know I will certainly be wearing mine everywhere!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 65% Polyamide, 35% Spandex

Price: £15.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Pois Polka Dot Tights


My Outfit

Keeping it simple so the legs can do the talking, I wore my black bodycon t-shirt dress, paired with an oversized cardigan and finished off with my suede mules.

I added a long drop necklace and some lippy to just finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: H&M 

Cardigan: Zara

Tights: CdR

Shoes: River Island

Lipstick: NYX Exotic



The Review

From The Website: Cecilia de Rafael have created their most glamorous Eterno tights yet. The delicate polka dot design mixed with the world-famous Eterno features of ladder-resistant yarns, a high-shine finish and no waistband creates a luxurious style that is sleek to wear. These shiny polka dot patterned tights have been knitted with breeze technology, which cools your legs when the temperature rises; with a gradual evaporation system for a comfortable all-day wear. Also including a sandal toe and cotton gusset. These 15 denier patterned tights will enhance any outfit, from work straight to the party – versatility at its best! 65% Polyamide, 35% Spandex

15 Denier
Reinforced Toe
High Shine Finish
No Waistband


The Packaging: so these beauties were packed with outer packaging rather than inner, which made a change 🙂

They had the model wearing them on the front, and going into further detail on the back about the hosiery.

As you get in, you find these wrapped promotional card (of the Uppsala), folded horizontally so you get the foot and leg shaping to it.

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Getting Them On: following the shaping of the tights, I scrunched these right down to the toes, and worked my way up the legs, slowly going over the anklets and continuing 🙂

They were super easy (and so silky) to glide on the legs, so you shouldn’t have any issues!


On The Legs: now I used a mix of natural lighting and flash to show you the difference in shine.

The quality of these are superb, although I did manage to make a nice little snag on my lower leg. I have no idea how, but luckily that was the only one and it didn’t turn into anything worth screaming about.

The fit of them are true to size, and they are a dream to be in. That lovely smooth silky finish is to die for; I had loads of my colleagues feeling my legs today! I cannot express how amazing my legs looked in these. They were just beautiful!

Now I will say make sure you get these even on the legs in terms of rolling them up; as if you have a patch where you haven’t pulled them up you will find them to be darker than the rest of the legs, and it will show!


The Toes: still have that gorgeous shine going on here. These aren’t reinforced as far as I am aware, so do be careful with your nails in these. But the plus side of that is that you can wear open toe heels with these and they would look bladdy amazing!


The Waistband: is an interesting one. These are supposed to have that seamless finish to them on top. This worked for most of the day, but half way through I could feel them roll over itself to create a little rolled band at the top. You can slightly see it below what I mean, but it did dig in a little, which did make it uncomfortable to be in.

Otherwise the band was brilliant; they held up the tights well, was comfy enough to be in without it feeling like I was wearing any!



My Thoughts?

Oh my God please get yourself a pair! I hope you don’t  have the same trouble as I did with the band, but these are utterly gorgeous and a great pair of tights to have in your wardrobe! I would recommend these due to the quality and that amazing shine they got going on.

7 thoughts on “CdR Eterno Pois Polka Dot Tights

  1. This pair of CdR tights does make your beautiful legs looking stunning,you’re dressed eyecatching gorgeous,together with those sexy mules Soni!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Soni.Those tights are to die for. Would love to have been one of your colleagues for the day! You have stunning legs and feet and the sheen just enhances them.
    Thanks for this post.

    1. Have to agree they are to die for will be getting these next. The site I seen them on has a black Friday sale 25% off site wide Thetightspot just thought I would share where I seen them.

      1. Thanks for sharing.Im definately going to buy as they are gorgeous tights

  3. OMG I love these tights they look magnificent on your legs. Great review as always these are quite different lurex look with black polka dots. Even though I have the Fiore Bling Bling Polka Dot & Silver Shimmer tights with white polka dots as shown in my profile photo. These I love also with the black polka dots will have to get these to simply magnificent looking they will look fantastic on I know.

  4. I see shape, definition, sexiness and perfection…… Wow! They are simply stunning.
    High 5’s all ’round, I think 😍😋