Charnos Lurex Backseam Sparkle Tights

Backseamsssss!! Boy am I excited to be doing backseams again after not doing them for a while, and the best thing is that I have a few lined up too! I spotted these on The Tight Spot's Hosiery Outlet - and the fact you can get these under £5 is just bliss! The Spec Colour:… Continue reading Charnos Lurex Backseam Sparkle Tights


Cecilia De Rafael Samburu Corina Love Heart Tights

Ooooooo these babies are adorable! I got these recently as I had to review them instead of leaving them for a later date. You can find these beauties in The Tight Spot Hosiery Outlet section - loads of fabulous discounted hosiery there (where I always grab a bargain from!) The Spec Colour: Negro / Black… Continue reading Cecilia De Rafael Samburu Corina Love Heart Tights

Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights

Well well... Those legs are a statement piece aren't they?! And damn right I want them to be! I got these before Christmas and didn't get a chance to wear them to celebrate, so I'm keeping my little party going on the legs at work instead! I've done a few Pierre Mantoux reviews before, so… Continue reading Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Deluxe Glitter Tights

Charnos Baroque Patterned Tights

Let's get back to reviewing Charnos - and this interesting design! I added these onto my wishlist a good while ago and bless some follower who gifted them for Christmas! I had to get reviewing them before all my collab work comes into play! The Spec Colour: Black/Grey Size: S/M Denier: Around 40? Materials: 78% Polyamide,… Continue reading Charnos Baroque Patterned Tights