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Sheer Tulle Star Ankle Socks

Back into mesh we go, with this pair that I bought along the ones below: Unbranded Glitter Tulle Socks Unbranded Sheer Net Socks There isn't much to say about these, so treat this more like a visual blog! The Spec Colour: Black Size: One Size Denier: Around 15 Price & Website: Unknown   The Review The… Continue reading Sheer Tulle Star Ankle Socks

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CdR Polka Dot Socks

So switching the hosiery to socks this time, as I have a pair I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET sent by CdR so I have to get this review out for you guys to help me here! Seeing as today was a bit of a cold day, I switched the outfit to something a… Continue reading CdR Polka Dot Socks