Unbranded Glitter Tulle Socks

Back into socks we go, only this time we are doing tulle with glitter and stars! Now I can see this getting messy... I gotta say I love tulle socks; there's something about them which allows you to play and create various looks! The Spec Colour: Silver Size: One Size Style: Ankle High Denier: Unknown… Continue reading Unbranded Glitter Tulle Socks

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Unbranded Sheer Net Socks

Now let's switch it up and do some sheer mesh socks with heels. Even though I love fishnets, not many workplaces allow them, so I thought of another alternative that you can rock almost anywhere (with heels or trainers!) Now these were bought from eBay however the seller has removed the link so I can't… Continue reading Unbranded Sheer Net Socks