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Trasparenze Paradise Tights

Oooooo weeeeee with these cuties I have on the legs! Now these were gifted some time back (like beginning of the year maybe) and once again my delayed self finally got into them to review. I decided to do some natural light and flash shots just so you can see the difference it makes :)… Continue reading Trasparenze Paradise Tights

Hosiery · Trasparenze

Trasparenze Papaya Fashion Tights

And what do we have here? Newly tattooed legs? I WISH! Although they do look super real don't they?! I have to say this has got to be one of my summer favourites giving that illusion of symmetrical inked up legs! And the bonus ... They smell so good too! The Spec Colour: Cosmetic Nero… Continue reading Trasparenze Papaya Fashion Tights

Hosiery · Trasparenze

Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we are back in fishnets again after so so long! I still have a few more to do that have been sitting there waiting patiently, but I said to myself these cannot wait seeing as they are part of the new Trasparenze SS18 range! Now these will be interesting as I haven't done this… Continue reading Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights