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Stop & Stare Black Henna Tights

And I am back in tattoo tights once again. After that massive hit with the custom design, I had the opportunity to do a review on these babies. If you haven’t seen the custom print review, you really do need to give it a read >> Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare If you didn’t… Continue reading Stop & Stare Black Henna Tights

Hosiery · Stop & Stare

Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare

So I have something very special for you guys this weekend. I decided to do a little collaboration of my own with Vik Kainth! I absolutely love his artwork and I thought to myself, how can I get this promoted so it works for me and him? Yeah there is clothing or phone cases, but… Continue reading Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare