Hosiery · Romartex

Romartex Karina Bikini Brief Tights

So I am once again revisiting the Romartex brand after some time. I have done the Karina style before, but this time I thought let's do a real nice tan-coloured pair seeing as summer is here (well it's debatable in the UK)! Once again these were gifted from a follower (many many thanks) for me… Continue reading Romartex Karina Bikini Brief Tights

Hosiery · Romartex

Romartex 40 Denier Purple Tights

So I’ve been adding a few of these in this brand to my wishlist just to see what they are like. They’re super cheap and affordable, however I find that the quality of them can vary. I had a pair of red in these and I wasn’t too pleased, but this time I thought as… Continue reading Romartex 40 Denier Purple Tights