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House of Holland Checkerboard Tights

Back into bold patterns we go, and this time we are back visiting Henry Holland (aka House of Holland) with a statement pair. I came across these and I had to have them; they are just so playful and you could easily make this work dressed up or on a casual. I decided to dress… Continue reading House of Holland Checkerboard Tights

Hosiery · Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly Glitter Snowflake Tights

Happy New Year Babes!   I thought I would do a little glitzy post celebrating today, seeing as I can't be doing that after today (otherwise it'll be looking super weird!) I thought it would be super cute to really dress like a glitterball to celebrate today. The Spec Colour: Black Size: One Size Denier:… Continue reading Pretty Polly Glitter Snowflake Tights

Hosiery · Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly Day To Night Sheer Lace Top Holdups

Ooooo hello Pretty Polly! I gotta say I am loving their new collection (even though these aren't that new - but a good pair to have!) So today I woke up and decided that I wanted to dress up a little for the sake of it; it happens now and again (I don't really know… Continue reading Pretty Polly Day To Night Sheer Lace Top Holdups