Hosiery · Mona

Mona Dalia Sheer Tights

“Girl it’s still winter” a lot of people are probably thinking, but in my head I want it to be summer already, and these pair have been patiently waiting for me, so I couldn’t put them off any longer! I have to admit I shouldn’t be wearing sheer, as I am due a laser session… Continue reading Mona Dalia Sheer Tights

Hosiery · Mona

Mona Valentine 20 Bikini Tights

I know you must think I am so mad right now doing nude sheers in winter... But I really wanted to. I hate it when the weather dictates what I wear, and when it's like forbidden to wear or expose something, I really want to ... So I opted for these bad boys! Now Mona… Continue reading Mona Valentine 20 Bikini Tights