Heist · Hosiery

Heist ‘The Fifty’ Tights

Now Heist are good - to the point they read my blog on Heist ‘The Thirty’ Tights and decided to get in touch with me. I won't go into grave detail, but they offered to send me another pair. I took them up on the offer and went for 'The Fifty' to see what they would be… Continue reading Heist ‘The Fifty’ Tights

Heist · Hosiery

Heist ‘The Nude’ Tights

Right so we established that 'The Thirty' in black were ... in not so many words ... rubbish. So I am hoping that these will be way better. Keep those fingers crossed for me and let's get down to business... Oh before I forget, I have done a mix of natural lighting and flash images… Continue reading Heist ‘The Nude’ Tights