Girardi · Hosiery

Girardi Sinueuse Lace Up Tights

And we are back in Girardi after some time. I really adore this brand; amazing quality, gorgeous designs and they last you for a good while. I only came across it a few years back, and I have been a fan ever since. If you’re not a patterned or statement person when it comes to… Continue reading Girardi Sinueuse Lace Up Tights

Girardi · Hosiery

Girardi Twice Tights

So it’s a grim morning and what do I wear? I’ve still got a lot of nudes to get through, but I don’t fancy exposing too much today as it would look just weird. I wanted to be in a pair of patterned for a change seeing as I’ve done a lot of plain lately… Continue reading Girardi Twice Tights