Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Royale 01 Tights

And hello to the new Gatta Royale collection. There are quite a few styles within this (all pretty much looking the same) with a few slight changes to each pair. So I am going on a smart casual one today gearing up for Autumn (I am so not looking forward to this!) which means time… Continue reading Gatta Royale 01 Tights

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Funny 07 A Tights

Now we are back in Gatta Funny after some time away from the collection; and it has got to be one of the cutest I have come across yet! Those polka dots are adorable as it is, but adding that touch of dusky pink really does take it to another level - making it more… Continue reading Gatta Funny 07 A Tights