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Gatta Open Feet Toeless Tights

So I am a fool I have realised. I was supposed to have scheduled this blog in like 2 months ago, only to realise I deleted what I thought was a duplication! So here it is - 2 months later finally reviewed and up! These were bought from Amazon by a follower - and I… Continue reading Gatta Open Feet Toeless Tights

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Rosalia Microfibre Tights

Gosh it has been like a year since I have had these sitting there for some time now too. I was waiting for the right opportunity to get into them and trial out all these different colours. Now before I carry on, this is going to be the main blog on the Gatta Microfibre and… Continue reading Gatta Rosalia Microfibre Tights