Fiore · Hosiery

Fiore Femmes Weave Tights

I have to say I am liking Fiore's new collection, which had led me to purchase this pair. I loved the look of them and thought why not even if they do turn out to be rubbish. I also got myself a couple of other pairs, which were worn in Paris, but this pair I… Continue reading Fiore Femmes Weave Tights

Fiore · Hosiery

Fiore Champagne Julia Tights

Fiore I'm coming at you! I saw these on The Tight Spot and wondered for ages whether I should get them or not. I've had some mixed feelings (and reviews) with Fiore over the past few years and to be honest... They normally aren't that good! So this time, I thought to myself give it… Continue reading Fiore Champagne Julia Tights