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Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

I know some may say it’s a little late to be rocking these, but you know what? You should be able to wear statement tights all year round, rather than saving it for Christmas or New Years! I got these from eBay last year and I wish I got them out sooner to be honest;… Continue reading Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

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Falke Fashion Tights

I cannot believe that these do not have a name! I have searched everywhere on the packaging to find out what these are called... And nothing! So I have to pin it down as fashion tights!!! *Not impressed!* We’re blacking out a bit now I gotta say. The cold days are coming round quick here; it’s like we did… Continue reading Falke Fashion Tights

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DSquared2 Abba Sandals with Falke Shelina 12 Tights

And I am back in these tights once again! I did a Falke Shelina Blog a while back (and I’m talking a good year or two ago now for Legslavish), so I thought I would do another mini blog about them just to refresh your memories 😉 This time I am adding a pair of… Continue reading DSquared2 Abba Sandals with Falke Shelina 12 Tights

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Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer with Falke Shelina

I am finally back in a pair of tights – and I have truly missed them! I have opted for Falke Shelina 12 Denier tights as I wanted something that makes the legs look slightly tanned and then glistens when the sun hits it and these were perfect.   Now that it has slightly cooled… Continue reading Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer with Falke Shelina