Eleganti · Hosiery

Eleganti RHT Non-Stretch Stockings

Roll on Day 2 in Eleganti with another copper pair! These are supposed to be plain compared to the diamond sheen I did yesterday! This means that they won't be as glossy (BOO!) The Spec Colour: Copper Size: Small (4'11"-5'3", 150-160 cm) Denier: 15 Materials: 100% Nylon Price: £7.50 Website: StockingsHQ - Eleganti RHT non-stretch nylon stockings… Continue reading Eleganti RHT Non-Stretch Stockings

Eleganti · Hosiery

Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds

And another new brand is making its way into my collection (woo hoo!) - I found these by a follower who had come across them on StockingsHQ - and I just had to try them out! I have a new-found love for RHT vintage stockings, so I know I need to invest in a good… Continue reading Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds