Charmante · Hosiery

Charmante Black Holdups

And now onto the final Charmante I have in my collection (once again gifted by a follower)! I really like this brand; affordable and really good quality. I know it may not be a popular brand (or a brand you’ve ever heard of) but sometimes they turn out to be just as good! Not really… Continue reading Charmante Black Holdups

Charmante · Hosiery

Charmante Autoreggente Eros 40D Holdups

I am doing a lot of red and black lately - I've just realised that! Then again I suppose red is currently in, so let's put it down to that hehe! Thank you to my follower who gifted these - getting through them as best as I can! So here we have another Charmante pair;… Continue reading Charmante Autoreggente Eros 40D Holdups