Aristoc · Hosiery

Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights

On an Aristoc vibe at the moment in their nude collection - as they're so amazeballs! Aristoc has got to be one of my favourite brands that produce affordable hosiery without breaking the bank and making your legs look flawless! So this pair was gifted via Amazon, and I have popped the link below if… Continue reading Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights

Aristoc · Hosiery

Aristoc Ultra Bare 7 Denier Shaper Tights

NUDES!!!! Finally we can rock out in nudes without getting weird looks from others who are thinking: "Why the hell is she going bare-legged in weather like this?!" Anyways so this pair were bought in March and now can finally come out to play, as the sun is gonna make them SHHIINNEEE!!!! Before I forget… Continue reading Aristoc Ultra Bare 7 Denier Shaper Tights

Aristoc · Hosiery

Aristoc Glitter BackSeamed Tights

Yep I am pulling out another pair of backseam tights, seeing as I forgot I has this pair to review. Now these I should have done around New Year’s; perfect denier with the perfect statement backseam. But seeing as my silly self didn’t come across the pair in the pile, I am not doing them for work instead! This is… Continue reading Aristoc Glitter BackSeamed Tights