Adrian · Hosiery

Adrian Grazia Tights

Well well well.. We have something totally different hitting the blog this Friday. Something that I didn't think you could ever come across! I am so happy to see something completely unique on the blog after a long time ... Now let me get writing... The Spec Colour: Black  Size: 1/2 - Small/Medium Denier: 20/40… Continue reading Adrian Grazia Tights

Adrian · Hosiery

Adrian Ange Tights

We are celebrating Tuesday Bluesday today! Well not so much blue apart from the cardigan, but still! So... these are interesting aren't they? Never seen a design like this before where it works backwards (or maybe I have but I've forgotten LOL)! I got these a while back from eBay and haven't been able to… Continue reading Adrian Ange Tights